These are some rules to follow to make this a great wiki!!

1. There is the three strike rule.

1st strike: You will get a warning on your talk page.
2nd strike: You will be banned for a short while.
3rd strike: You may be infinitely banned from editing this wiki.

2. Don't vandalize, if you do, you'll get a warning the first time, if you continue, you will be banned for a short while. If you continue, you may be Infinitely banned from editing on this wiki.

3. If you are banned, you may come to IRC to talk to one of the administrators, at one of the following channels. #memory-alpha, #uncyclopedia, or #wikicities

4. Don't post off topic stuff. This is a Koei related wikia. You can't write an article about Cars.

5. Check for an existing page before creating a new one. It maybe the same thing you want to add but named under a different title. Also try looking in the red links page to help you get started.

To help organize your article, please refer to the style page.