SW3 Saddle 3 (Kohibari)

Kohibari from Samurai Warriors 3.

Kohibari (小雲雀) is the third available steed in the Average type category for horses. It was an excellent bay colored mount presented to Nobunaga. It is said that it was eventually given to Ujisato Gamō.

How to UnlockEdit

  • Samurai Warriors 2: Purchase at the shop for 3,200 gold.
  • Samurai Warriors 2: Empires: Agree to purchase documents from a Dutch trader for 1000 gold. You will also receive Kohibari. Aki fief (with its port) is needed to trigger the random trader event. Make sure you have an open slot for the horse.
  • Samurai Warriors 3: Saddle randomly appears as a treasure during stages.
  • Samurai Warriors Chronicles: Buy at the shop for 6,000 gold.
  • Kessen III: Purchase at the shop for 6,800 gold in chapters 2, 6, 9 and 12. It can also be found as a treasure during the Battle of Anegawa in chapter 5. This horse will prevent the rider from being stunned during Rampages.


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