Koji Yada (矢田 耕司, Yada Kōji, April 15, 1933 - May 1, 2014) was a Japanese thespian and voice actor who was affiliated with Aoni Production. His real name was Hiroji Yada (矢田 弘二).

Yada received his acting experience from theatre. The first theatrical group he joined was Aoi Mi, which was where he gained the majority of his education during his youth. He stayed with the group for over seven years before he went on to help found the now known Theatre Echo theatrical group. According to his own comments, Yada thought theatrical acting was too stressful for him to manage for lengthy sessions. He was able to join Aoni Production through his personal connections and acquaintances.

Yada is best known for voicing many elderly characters throughout his voice actor career. A few of his roles included the elderly Douko in Saint Seiya, Doctor Gero in Dragon Ball Z, and Talan in Space Battleship Yamato.

He died due to chronic kidney disease complications. Yada was 81 years old.

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