Common member of the Kuna Clan.

The Kuna Clan (狗奴の一族, Kuna no Ichizoku) are a mystical race in Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 4. They are easily recognized by their canine-like features. Since they aren't mentioned in later records or legends within the parallel world, it can be assumed that they fazed out of existence or were eventually forgotten.

Their name is derived from Kunakoku, the name of a kingdom that is noted to have historically existed during Himiko's reign. Its ruler was a male named Himikoko, and his kingdom was noted to be south of Nakoku. According to the Weizhi Worenchuan, he lost his life in a military conflict with Himiko's forces. It's often noted as an ancient kingdom in Kyushu due to its relation with Nakoku, but Kunakoku has been argued to exist on other sections of the islands.

Role in GameEdit

The Kuna Clan are tribal warriors who prosper in the islands west of Nakatsu Kuni. Members are reputed for their brawny physique, endless stamina, and heightened hearing. Sharp-witted hunters who can instinctively synchronize their movements in packs, their abilities are at their peak within mountains or forests. The Kuna Clan are masters in guerrilla warfare, only second to the Tsuchigumo's magical camouflage at night. Due to their warrior upbringings they worship honor, treasure power, and value loyalty over their own lives.

Sometime during ancient times, they were discovered by the kingdom of Nakatsu Kuni. Impressed by their respective conduct and traditions, both groups became fast friends and allies. The Kuna Clan then became trusted elites within Nakatsu Kuni's royal army. A portion of their clan would always remain within Nakatsu Kuni to be their steadfast support.

When the capital was overrun by the Tokoyo no Kuni army five years before the main story, the battalions comprised of the Kuna Clan were the only ones to have survived the carnage. Oshihito, who was met with betrayal on his end during his kingdom's fall, quickly reinforced the survivors of the capital and risked his life to guide them to safety. The survivors were eternally grateful for his bravery and have since sworn fealty to him.

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