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This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Kyūbi.

Warriors Orochi 3 UltimateEdit

  • "I enjoy the despair that accompanies a battle."
  • "A simple victory in battle is nothing to get excited about."
  • "You should take this. I have no use for it myself."
  • "I am quite pleased with what you have accomplished!"
  • "You talentless lout!"
  • "You wish for me to enjoy this party? Then you had better bring the wine!"
  • "My enemies fell in despair before me in the last battle. Hehe... Nothing could make me happier!"
  • "I love seeing war and conflict up close and personal. The next battle cannot come soon enough for my liking."
  • "Next time, I will drown the battlefield in a sea of despair and misery!"
  • "This should definitely be a source of amusement."
  • "That was an absurdly easy battle."
  • "I proved to everybody the extent of my power!"
  • "The life of this enemy officer is barely even worth taking."
  • "Haha! Witness the extent of the power I possess!"
  • "So you possess the might of a True Warrior... How interesting."
  • "Da Ji, I see your might is without equal. How boring."
  • "The might you wield in battle is most frightening."
  • "Seimei, you are clearly in possession of magic most powerful."
  • "Any battlefield you set foot on turns to utter chaos. Just the way I like it!"
  • "This cannot be... I refuse to believe I am being put on the defensive against you lot!"
  • "I think a fight against myself will be most entertaining!"
  • "You are a brilliant fighter."
  • "Your efforts are worthy of praise."
  • "Your timing could not be better."
  • "Hurry over here and come to my aid already!"
  • "I refuse to allow you to block my path."
  • "I cannot believe I have been defeated!"
  • "You have impressed me, Da Ji."
  • "Thank you, Da Ji."
  • "Nothing feels better than annihilating your foes."
  • "Hah... I did not expect you to save me."
  • "Show me even more, Seimei."
  • "Why have you come here, Seimei?"
  • "Hundun, I suppose you do have your uses."
  • "Hundun, hurry and defeat these enemies!"
  • "You are a brilliant fighter. I delight in the agony of those you have vanquished."
  • "Your efforts are worthy of praise. I hope to see even more violence from you."
  • "Your timing could not be better. I can see you were attracted by the sheer chaos."
  • "Hurry over here and come to my aid already! Or are you trying to embarrass me?"
  • "I refuse to allow you to block my path. As my opponent, do not expect to receive any mercy."
  • "I cannot believe I have been defeated! One day, I shall be sure to have my vengeance."
  • "You have impressed me, Da Ji. However, I hope that there is still more destruction to come?"
  • "Thank you, Da Ji. Feel free to obliterate those enemies before you."
  • "Nothing feels better than annihilating your foes. Please continue on your rampage."
  • "Hah... I did not expect you to save me. To what do I owe this little surprise?"
  • "Show me even more, Seimei. I know your hatred of boredom will prove most entertaining."
  • "Why have you come here, Seimei? Do not tell me that you are here to help."
  • "Hundun, I suppose you do have your uses. I detest your appearance, but I will admit to your strength."
  • "Hundun, hurry and defeat these enemies! It should be easy for you, no?"
  • "You seem to have the blessings of the God of War. It is only natural that I respect you."
  • "I appreciate your efforts. You truly are simply adorable."
  • "I was waiting for you. Now, let us immerse this land in the throes of battle."
  • "Haha... Thank you. It was wise of you not to betray my expectations."
  • "This is one battle that cannot be avoided. That is why I must defeat you."
  • "Curse you for eternity! I will never forget this grudge I bear against you!"
  • "Da Ji, you seem to enjoy toying with people's emotions. I really respect that about you."
  • "Da Ji, I knew you would come for me. Now, let us indulge in the screams of our enemies."
  • "Nothing is better than corrupting another's ideals! I shall realize your wish some day."
  • "I see you are unwilling to let me to die. If you wish for your own death, then so be it."
  • "Impressive, Seimei. It is as if you have the strength of the fox within you."
  • "Your sorcery is quite useful. Now use it to get me out of this predicament."
  • "Hundun, I enjoy watching you fight. I am willing to let you stay by my side."
  • "Haha... How fascinating. Hundun, I find you to be braver and braver by the day."
  • "You are an absolute eyesore... I want you gone from my presence immediately."
  • "You are getting on my nerves. It is time I put an end to you."
  • "If you are not going to listen to me, then you can die."
  • "Da Ji, it is rather amusing that you think you can defeat me."
  • "Do you truly believe that your cunning is a match for me in battle?"
  • "This is unacceptable! It is time I put an end to you!"
  • "You may have already perished once, God of Destruction, but it is time for you to do so again."
  • "What is wrong with you? Do you no longer yearn for your own destruction?"
  • "Urgh... Your actions seem to be at odds with your words. However, I will bring an end to you now!"
  • "Seimei, slaying you is guaranteed to make me feel better."
  • "My hatred refuses to subside. Not until I defeat you, Seimei."
  • "Why am I unable to defeat you?! Is it possible that I am inferior to you?!"
  • "Allow me to straighten out that slovenly appearance of yours."
  • "I can see that your appearance is not just for show. How uncouth!"
  • "You are a complete mess! Enough! I shall rid myself of your annoying presence for good!"
  • "You do not even need to speak. This will be over shortly."
  • "Fine. Let see which one of us is more cunning."
  • "If you wish to perish so badly, then I will be happy to fulfill your desire."
  • "Not even your sorcery can hope to contain my powers."
  • "Who are you to presume to give me orders?"

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