Items in dellooone are used by players to accumulate more points. Though they only last once per session, up to 5 of them can be held simultaneously.

Normal ItemsEdit

Items that invoke minor beneficial effects. While each product is worth 3 gems, one of them may only cost 1 gem depending on the item sale schedule.

Item Name Japanese Effects
Normal Item 1 (DLN) 4 Sweets 4スイーツ Sweets will be limited to 4 during the first 60 seconds.
Normal Item 2 (DLN) Time +10 タイムプラス10 Adds 10 seconds to play time.
Normal Item 3 (DLN) Sweets Box スイーツボックス Causes chain boxes to appear, raising the player's chain upon opening.
Normal Item 4 (DLN) Bonus 10% ボーナススコア+10 Adds a 10% bonus to the player's overall score.
Normal Item 5 (DLN) Time Bonus タイムボーナス Adds extra seconds after 5 or more chains.

Rare ItemsEdit

Lottery Tickets (DLN)

Dellooone Lottery Tickets: Golden Tickets (above), Silver Tickets (middle), and Bronze Tickets (below)

Essentially upgraded versions of normal items, they are acquired through the Dellooone Lottery. Players are given the option of either paying 3 gems to unveil a single item slot or giving away 12 to draw all 5. The former choice has a 1/5 chance of resulting in a rare item. Otherwise, the player will receive a normal one instead.

Alternatively, these rare items can also be gained by means of lottery tickets. Divided into three categories, these tickets are secured by spending gems or participating in competitive events with friends.

Item Name Japanese Effects
Rare Item 1 (DLN) 4 Sweets Super 4スイーツSUPER Sweets will be limited to 4 during the first 90 seconds.
Rare Item 2 (DLN) Time +20 タイムプラス20 Adds 20 seconds to play time.
Rare Item 3 (DLN) Sweets Box Super スイーツボックスSUPER Causes chain boxes to appear more often.
Rare Item 4 (DLN) Bonus 20% ボーナススコア+20 Adds a 20% bonus to the player's overall score.
Rare Item 5 (DLN) Time Bonus Super タイムボーナスSUPER Adds extra seconds after 4 or more chains.

Special ItemsEdit

Items with unique effects. One of them is randomly selected for players to purchase before beginning a round.

Item Name Japanese Gems Effects
Special Item 1 (DLN) Special 2 本日のおすすめ 3 Doubles the score of one random sweet.
Special Item 2 (DLN) Special 5 まぼろしの逸品 6 Provides one random sweet with a score multiplier of 5.
Special Item 3 (DLN) Special 10 こだわりの一品 9 Provides one random sweet with a score multiplier of 10.
Special Item 4 (DLN) Chain Boost チェインブースト 6 Sweets can stretch vertically up to 3 levels, making chains easier.
Special Item 5 (DLN) Twin Sweets ペアスイーツ 9 Two of the same sweets will fall down.

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