La Hire
Character Information
Faction: French
Unit Type:
Weapon Type: Halberd
Voice Actors:
Historical Information
Real Name:
Étienne de Vignolles
11 January 1443
Also known as "La Hire" or "The Fury".

La Hire (ラ・イール) is one of the French generals who fought in the Hundred Years' War. He was known for his ferocity and cruelty on the battlefield who ruthlessly pillaged from his defeated foes. He fought in several battles beside Joan of Arc's forces.

Role in GameEdit

Character InformationEdit


La Hire is a man with a very strong sense of justice. He prefers to move on his gut instincts rather than analyze things, which earns him his men's respect.


  • "I shall strike you down where you stand!"
  • "It is evident that you do not have the skill to beat me."
  • "Oh, reinforcements! Thank you!"
  • "Impressive! I see your soul burns with the desire for victory!"
  • "Let us away! The strength of our conviction shall carry us to victory!"
  • "Who shall be next to fall by my blade?!"
  • "Where did I go wrong...?"
  • "My soul yearns for the taste of blood!"
  • "The enemy redoubt has fallen to me!"
  • "We shall make the enemy beg for mercy!"
  • "Break their spirit and the battle shall be ended anon!"

  • "Ah? Our allies on the other bank are being forced back!"
"Will you never learn to pay attention?! The mercenaries on the bank are there to be forced back!"
"No, I cannot ignore an ally in peril!"
~~La Hire and Gilles de Rais

Historical InformationEdit

Étienne de Vignolles was a French military commander during the Hundred Years' War. Since childhood the only thing he thought about was war. He was brave, but had bad manners and wasn't very educated. He joined Dauphin Charles in 1418 and soon became famous by taking Coucy castle. When Joan of Arc became the commander of the army, Etienne became one of her most trusted allies. He died in 1442 after the injury he received under Montauban. He was also known for his famous prayer: "God, I pray thee that thou wouldest do this day for La Hire as much as thou wouldest that La Hire should do for thee, if he was God, and thou wast La Hire!"


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