Legion: The Legend of Excalibur has a total amount of 13 missions, but only one of them can be skipped. The player must complete a set of objectives in order to proceed to the next stage. Some missions are imposed with time limits while others contain optional objectives. If all party members are defeated, the mission can be repeated indefinitely until victory is achieved. Clearing a stage will automatically save the game and begin the next one.

Mission ListEdit

Stage Information Objectives
I. Excalibur
Required Characters
  1. Learn to fight with Bors.
  2. Talk to the other knights.
  3. Prepare to take watch.
  4. Find a weapon.
  5. Rally the knights to fight the enemy captain.
  6. Help the other victims of the attack.
  7. Search for artifacts before winning.
Crown of the Crusader
Death's Circle
NPC Units: Level 1 Soldier, Level 2 Soldier, Cleric, Level 1 Axeman, Skeleton Swordsman, Dark Knight
II. The Princess Gwenevere
Required Characters
  1. Locate Castle D'Grance and help the defenders against Morgan's army.
  2. Continue to gather troops to bolster own forces.
  3. Protect the villagers.
  4. Gwenevere must survive.
Fist of Needles
NPC Units: Level 2 Soldier, Cleric, Bowman, Gwenevere, Level 2 Axeman, Level 1 Archer, Dark Knight, Sorceress
III. The Attack of the Bandits
Required Characters
  1. Kill the bandits attacking the town. Prevent them from causing too much damage.
  2. Protect the peasants in the bucket brigade to save the church.
  3. Find and kill the Bandit King.
  4. Round up all 3 sheep back to the farmer's field.
Blood Ring
Fire Arrows
Mask of the Ancient King
Piercing Gaze
NPC Units: Level 3 Soldier, Cleric, Bowman, Level 1 Axeman, Level 2 Axeman, Level 1 Archer, Bandit King
IV. The Barbarian Raids
Required Characters
  1. Protect the villagers against attacks from marauding barbarian skirmishers. The mayor must survive.
  2. Escort the farmer to save his daughter.
  3. Return to the village with both the farmer and his daughter alive. Speak to the mayor afterwards.
  4. Find the barbarian shaman leading these raids and kill him.
Blessed Arrows
Frozen Rune
NPC Units: Level 2 Soldier, Bowman, Peasant, Barbarian, Barbarian Spearman, Skeleton Swordsman, Catapult, Shaman
V. The Battle at Avalon
Required Characters
  1. Kill the Black Knight.
  2. Destroy the undead horde rising from the family tombs.
  3. Purify the 3 churches to open the sealed gate leading to the Black Knight. Percival must survive for this to be accomplished.
Bone Arrows
Cross of the True Knight
Crusader's Sheath
NPC Units: Ghost, Zombie, Skeleton Swordsman, Skeleton Archer, Mage, Lich, Black Knight
VI. The Trial of the Ancient Lords
Required Characters
  1. Overcome the four Ancient Lords by passing each of their trials to gain ownership over Camelot. Arthur must pass them on his own without any support.
  2. Gwenevere must survive.
Belt of the Mountain King
Mask of the Demon
Ring of Three
Royal Cord
NPC Units: Percival, Ancient Lords
VII. The Siege of Camelot
Required Characters
  1. Protect Camelot from the Red Knight's forces.
  2. Stop the catapults from firing.
  3. Aid the soldiers near the inn.
  4. Destroy two more catapults.
  5. Stop the final wave of soldiers after killing the giants.
  6. Defeat the Red Knight.
  7. Lead the Red Knight through the main doors.
Blood Cross
Constricting Ring
Death's Cross
Fire Ring
Grand Crown
NPC Units: Level 2 Soldier, Level 3 Soldier, Level 2 Axeman, Dark Knight, Sorceress, Mage, Heavy Catapult, Giant, Red Knight
VIII. The Clan of Anguish (Optional)
Required Characters
  1. Persuade the dwarves to escape from the mines.
  2. Save the dwarven families. Find evidence of where they are being held and kill their captors.
Elemental Fire Shard
Hell's Crown
NPC Units: Dwarf, Level 3 Axeman, Wraith, Dark Knight, Sorceress, Mage, Magma Golem
IX. The Assault on Red Castle
Required Characters
  1. Search and destroy the Red Knight in his castle.
  2. Kill the guards stationed at the mine exit.
  3. Take control of any siege weapons or emplacements that may be useful to gain the upper hand.
  4. Return to camp for additional reinforcements if necessary.
Frost Sheath
Golden Eye
Grolic's Frost
Ice Arrows
NPC Units: Level 3 Soldier, Bowman, Dwarf, Anguish, Level 3 Axeman, Level 2 Archer, Female Archer, Dark Knight, Sorceress, Mage, Heavy Catapult, Magma Golem, Red Knight
X. The Grail Maidens
Required Characters
  1. Find a way through the mountain pass in order to continue on toward the Grail.
  2. Find and rescue the Grail Maiden Elders.
  3. Galahad must survive.
  4. Protect the Grail Maiden Elders while they perform the unlocking ritual.
Brother Cedric's Faith
Serpent's Coil
Wolf Clan's Pride
NPC Units: Grail Maiden, Galahad, Level 3 Axeman, Level 2 Archer, Wraith, Dark Knight, Mage, Ice Golem, Green Knight
XI. The Grail
Required Characters
  1. Discover the location of the Grail Castle.
  2. Seek out the remaining Knights Templar and receive their aid.
  3. Successfully endure the trials of the Holy Grail.
  4. Obtain the Holy Grail to destroy the Green Knight.
Cleric's Bind
Hand of God
Holy Cross
The Holy Grail
NPC Units: Templar Knight, Level 2 Axeman, Level 3 Axeman, Level 2 Archer, Dark Knight, Sorceress, Ghost, Stone Golem, Enchanted Pig, Doppelganger, Green Knight
XII. The Downfall of Morgan le Fay
Required Characters
  1. Find and destroy the four red crystals holding Morgan's Castle afloat.
  2. Defend the main camp from enemy assaults.
  3. Find a way to get past the inactive golems. Awaken them by destroying more crystals.
  4. Go to the standing stones after destroying three crystals.
Crown of the Dead
Death's Guard
Elemental Poison Shard
Lord Illoth's Visage
Poisoned Rune
NPC Units: Level 3 Soldier, Bowman, Zombie, Skeleton Swordsman, Skeleton Archer, Wraith, Heavy Catapult, Poison Mage, Forest Golem, Crystal Golem
XIII. The Last Battle
Required Characters
  1. Enter the castle lobby and confront Morgan to open her inner sanctum. Defeat her upon reaching the castle's dais to end the game.
Charged Rune
King's Sheath
Mask of the Lion
Shock Arrows
NPC Units: Level 3 Soldier, Wraith, Stone Golem, Morgan le Fay

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