Leon Franco (UW5)

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Leon Franco (レオン・フェレロ, Leon Ferrero) is the canonical name for the main protagonist of Uncharted Waters. His flagship is called "Hermes" by default.

Role in GamesEdit

Descended from a line of noble explorers, Leon's family fell in destitution after his great-grandfather died trying to locate the fabled kingdom of Prestor John. The tragedy resulted in House Franco being stripped of their rank, causing friends and servants alike to abandon them in their time of need. In order to survive, they made use of their family's expertise by becoming normal seafarers. Leon himself learned much of their trade as a deckhand and wanted to join his father's expedition to India. However, he is convinced to stay behind in order to support his family as a merchant.

One day, while on his way to work, he learns from Rocco of the harrowing storm that took many lives at sea including his father. After mourning this loss, Leon decides to succeed where his father failed in hopes of restoring their family name. His fate is determined by the player's actions, though the final endgame has him rescue Princess Christiana from Turkish pirates. He may choose to be rewarded with land, the return of his family's honor, the princess's hand in marriage, or nobly refuse all three. The game's canon continuity has him marry the princess who bears him a son named João.

During the events of the sequel, Leon has become prime minister of Portugal and is well-loved by the people. Unfortunately, the nobles led by Marquis Martinez scorn him for his progressive reforms, eagerly biding their time to disgrace the former hero. They later frame him as the mastermind behind Prince Alberto's disappearance, though this plot fails when the prince arrives to clear his name. He later passes his position to João after the latter's successful investigation of Atlantis. In Daikoukai Jidai Gaiden, he replaces Marco as the local collector at Lisbon and provides Miranda with details on his family's dealings with Pietro Conti.


Headstrong and ambitious, Leon seeks to redeem his family name and win over Princess Christiana by becoming a renowned explorer. He is generally amiable and disciplined, though his brash side is often kept in check by Rocco. As an adult, he is far more cautious around others due to his position within the royal court, often delegating João with crucial tasks to instill a sense of responsibility in him.


  • "I'll return with a noble name."


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