Lex Lang (born November 12, 1965 in Hollywood, California) is a two-time Emmy Award-winning American voice actor who has done over more than a hundred roles in various forms of media entertainment such as live-action shows, anime, video games, and movie trailers. Lang and his family moved to Scottsdale, Arizona where he began to develop his acting skills as a young child. He spent his formative years participating in talent shows and other events before moving on to the local community theatre. There, he performed in over forty different productions, some in which he played the leading roles in Bus Stop, Of Mice and Men, The Apple Tree, etc. Lang was also given the opportunity to perform in the Royal London Shakespeare Theatre Company's rendition of Two Gentlemen of Verona. Eventually, he went back to Hollywood in 1989 to study at the Musician's Institute and further his acting career.

Aside from his performances on-stage, Lang has also done stand-up comedy and impersonations on multiple venues throughout the United States. His talent also extends to music as proven by his experience in being a member of two bands including his own ensemble called "LeXLang". He even performs together with his wife and fellow voice actress Sandy Fox. The two of them are also cofounders of "The Love Planet Foundation" and "H2Om: Water with Intention", both of which strive to promote eco-friendly products. He has also appeared as a special guest in multiple sci-fi and anime conventions across the country.

As a voice actor, Lang's versatility allows him to perform all kinds of different male characters. Not only can he assume different accents and dialects, his wide vocal range allows him to closely mimic well-known celebrities accordingly. Some of his roles include Sagara Sanosuke in Rurouni Kenshin, Metallo in The Batman, and Ash from Phantom Brave.

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