Li Yi (ROTK12)

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Li Yi (李異, onyomi: Ri I) is a former general of Zhao Wei who joined Wu. The novel has him die at the hands of Guan Xing.

Role in GamesEdit

While not a generic officer in the Dynasty Warriors series, Li Yi appears as a bodyguard in the third game and is mentioned in the seventh installment's quiz section for Conquest Mode.

In Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Li Yi is an appropriate choice for tasks involving war. Most games assign him the death date of 221.

Historical InformationEdit

Li Yi allegedly served Zhao Wei as a vassal until the latter rebelled against Liu Zhang in the year 200. After helping slay his former master, he later fled from Yi Province and sided with Sun Quan's forces.

When Wu conspired with Wei to retake Jing Province from Liu Bei, Li Yi was among those sent to participate in the campaign. He personally led Lu Xun's fleet to distract the opposing side on the Yangzi while Lu Meng launched his attack on Guan Yu.

Some historians note that the Li Yi associated with Zhao Wei and the one who fought under Wu may have been two different people with the exact same name. Others believe that Li Yi could have simply switched sides when opportunity arose.

Romance of the Three KingdomsEdit

Li Yi is introduced in chapter 82 where he and Xie Jing are ordered to launch a defense against Liu Bei's troops. During the Battle of Yiling, he duels with Zhang Bao to a standstill and almost wins until Guan Xing beheads him.