Liane (FEW)
Character Information
Great Lord
Rowan (younger twin brother)
Yelena (mother)
Weapon Type:
Sword and shield
Personal Weapon:
Shield of Flame
Voice Actor(s):
Maaya Uchida
Erica Mendez

Lianna (リアン, Lien) is the female protagonist of Fire Emblem Warriors. She is one of two heirs of the Aytolis Kingdom.

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Character InformationEdit


A clever and self-aware girl, Lianna has a strong preference for academics and would rather not become queen. This puts her at odds with Rowan who pushes his royal duties onto her.


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Y, Y, Y, Y, Y, Y, Y: Lianna slashes horizontally to the right, then does a twirling downward slash to the right. She then does an overhead downward slash, then does a quick low spinning slash clockwise. She then does two successive diagonal downward slashes in an X-pattern, then two successive upwards diagonal slashes in a V-pattern. She then does another overhead downward slash, then finishes with a wide horizontal slash to the right.
X: Lianna stands in place and performs a flurry of successive diagonal slashes downward, makign an X-pattern. She finishes with a horizontal slash to the left. The X button can be mashed to extend the duration of the flurry.
Y, X: Lianna does a spinning slash as she rises into the air, launching enemies up with her. While in the air, the player can press Y to perform up to 3 midair slashes, or press X to have her do a flip and dive to the ground with a heavy overhead slash. The player can opt to perform either or both the air variations.
Y, Y, X: Lianna does two counterclockwise spinning slashes while slowly moving forward. She then finishes with a large downward slash to the left.
Y, Y, Y, X: Lianna will throw her shield forward and it will orbit around her once before returning to her hand. A circular yellow ring will form around her, and 8 yellow crystals will appear along the ring. She will strike a pose and point her sword skyward, causing the yellow crystals to fly out in all directions, dealing 360 degree area damage.
Y, Y, Y, Y, X: Lianna performs a fast series of thrusts with her sword, the does a large rising slash that launches herself and enemies into the air. Players can opt to perform either or both of the aerial attacks once she's in the air.
Y, Y, Y, Y, Y, X: Lianna's sword glows with yellow energy, greatly extending its range. She then slashes upwards right, then downwards left. She then slashes downwards right, then finishes with a wide horizontal slash to the right.


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