This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Linkle.

Hyrule Warriors LegendsEdit

  • "If we all work together, there's no way we can lose!"
  • "Hah! That was simple enough!"
  • "Yes! We won! I knew we could do it!"
  • "Yes! I feel so STRONG!"
  • "Yeah! I sure showed THEM who's boss!"
  • "All right, on to the next adventure!"
  • "Woohoo! This is great!"
  • "This keep is Linkle's now! Ha ha!"
  • "All right, where to next?"
  • "Yeah, we took the keep! Way to go!"
  • "Aw, do you really think I'm amazing? Well, I won't argue with you! Hah!"
  • "And that's why I'm the hero of legend!"
  • "Yeah, I'm feeling good today!"
  • "Hah! I'm pretty awesome, right?"
  • "Wow! You're really strong!"
  • "Yes! I like it!"
  • "Thanks! I'll help you out next time."
  • "Hold on! I'll be right there!"
  • "Yes! If we work togetherm we'll be fine!"
  • "All right, but I'm not holding back!"
  • "Is it all over? Oh, thank goodness!"
  • "Yes! Victory for the good guys!"
  • "We won! but heroes don't rest. Onward!"

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