Liu Yan
Liu Yan - Wei (ROTK3)
Character Information
Force(s): Cao Cao's Forces
Weapon Type: Sword (2~4, 6)
Spear (5)
Unit Type: Hero (2~5)
Strategist (6)
Significant Battle(s):
First Appearance: Dynasty Warriors 2
Historical Information
Real name:
Liú Yán
Chinese name:
劉延 - 刘延
Style name:
Chinese name:

Liu Yan (onyomi: Ryū En) is an officer of Cao Cao and Grand Administrator of Dongjun. During the Battle of Guandu he defended Baima fortress.

Role in GamesEdit

Liu Yan appears only at the Battle of Guandu in Dynasty Warriors. He usually stays at Baima fortress and fights against Yan Liang until Cao Cao launches the counterattack. If playing on Yuan Shao's side, the player usually has to kill Liu Yan in order to capture Baima. In some games, where the fortresses of Baima and Yanjin are not present, Liu Yan tends to serve as a subordinate of another officer on the battlefield. In Warriors Orochi, Liu Yan serves the Wei army.

Historical InformationEdit

Liu Yan served Cao Cao as the Grand Administrator of Dongjun commandery in Yan Province. In 200, when Yuan Shao started his campaign against Cao Cao, Liu Yan was sent to defend the fortress of Baima. Yuan Shao sent his general Yan Liang along with Chunyu Qiong and Guo Tu to attack Liu Yan's position. Liu Yan's small garrison was able to put up a staunch defense and held the city until Cao Cao's reinforcements arrived. Yan Liang was killed in battle and Yuan Shao's forces retreated.

Romance of the Three KingdomsEdit

Liu Yan appears in chapter 25 of the novel, defending Baima against Yan Liang's assault. In chapter 27, Liu Yan met Guan Yu again near Huazhou. He told him that Xiahou Dun awaited him at the other side of the river and Guan Yu asked him for a boat, mentioning that he had rescued Liu Yan at Baima. Liu Yan, however, refused to give him a boat, stating that he was afraid of being punished by Xiahou Dun. Guan Yu then left and headed for the ferry.