Lady Liu - RTKXII

Sangokushi 12~13 portrait

Liushi (劉氏, onyomi: Ryūshi) is Yuan Shao's wife and the mother of Yuan Shang. She was infamously known for murdering her husband's favorite courtesans out of jealousy.

Role in GamesEdit

Liushi first appears in the eleventh Romance of the Three Kingdoms title. Her stats tend to be the lowest among the female cast. While her war and leadership ratings are mediocre, the rest of her other stats are average at best. She also has no skills, making her a rather incompetent officer.

Romance of the Three KingdomsEdit

Lady Liu first appears in Chapter 32 the novel where she sends for Shen Pei and Peng Ji during Yuan Shao's final moments. After mourning his death, she had five of his concubines slain and their corpses mutilated beyond recognition. Her son followed suit by executing the relatives of these concubines to prevent them from avenging their dead kin. Afterwards, she and Lady Zhen found refuge in the palace of the Yuans before being discovered by Cao Pi. Enticed by Lady Zhen's beauty, he decided against killing the women and took the younger lady under his care. It is not known what happened with Lady Liu after the incident.


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