Lixia 15th Anniversary Artwork (DWEKD)
Character Information
Force(s): Other
Weapon Type: Magic
Unit Type: Unique
First Appearance: Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers
Original character.

Lixia (黎霞; onyomi: Reika) is an original character in Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers. Her darker half calls itself Chiyou (蚩尤, onyomi: Shiyū).

Role in GameEdit

Lixia is a mysterious woman who was sealed within an ancient shrine near Zhao Yun and Lei Bin's home in Changshan. After the duo free her from her prison, she bestows Zhao Yun with a strange power and follows him in his journeys to seek out five mystic gems.

Character InformationEdit


Lixia was made to help familiarize the setting to players. Developers struggled to make her appealing in comparison to the other female characters in the series; her otherworldly design is meant to distinguish her from the rest of the cast.

Personality Edit

After she first appears, Lixia is described by Lei Bin as 'incredibly bossy' with a childish side, and demanding when it came to her orbs. As the game progressed however, her personality began to change. She began to put more faith into humans, trusting her orbs to several as help for a strategy.

Voice ActorsEdit

  • Minami Tsuda - Japanese voice


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