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Lord Akasame Full-SW3
Character Information
Clan(s)/Alliance(s): Murasame
Weapon Type: Normal - Giant hammer
Nightmare - Kanabō
Unit Type: Unique
Significant Battle(s):
Akasame Castle
Murasame Castle
First Appearance: Samurai Warriors 3
Character from Nintendo's The Mysterious Murasame Castle.

Lord Akasame (赤雨城主, Akasame Jōshu) is the Red Castle Lord in the Murasame Castle Mode, featured in Samurai Warriors 3. Akasame is the second castle lord that Takamaru comes across.

Akasame Castle is filled with floating mines that explode when approached as well as statues that spew out fire. In addition to the aforementioned traps, the scorching heat coming from the lava pool can gradually reduce the health of any character walking by the catwalks above. The area is swarmed with sumo and fire ninja clad in red, making it difficult for players to deal with enemy officers on their own.

When the player reaches Akasame, the player must battle him. On Normal Mode he fights using Yoshihiro’s moveset, but on Nightmare Mode, he takes on a more demonic form and uses Sakon's moveset. His stats are higher than normal enemy officers. However, he is the least aggressive of the four castle lords due to his sanctum being filled with fire-breathing statues. He keeps a red colored gem within his possession, which Takamaru receives after his defeat

If the players collect eighteen tanuki in the Nightmare difficulty setting, they can use Akasame's human model for their own characters.


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