This is a list of commonly heard quotes from M'Quve.

Dynasty Warriors GundamEdit

Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2Edit

  • "It's... it's... priceless!"
  • "Ha! Whoever moves first in this battle loses."
  • "Not bad, eh?"
  • "You bastard!"
  • "War is a gamble. You'd do well to remember that."
  • "Pathetic. You'll need to do better to defeat me."
  • "Ha! This is what happens when you foolishly insist on fighting fair!"
  • "Bah, I've become nothing but an errand boy. How did this happen?"
  • "A soldier doesn't need praise. Achieving results is his job."
  • "Well done. You might well get promoted two ranks for this."
  • "It never hurts to have a strong ally. I hope I can aid you as well."
  • "Where are my allies!? Are they just going to sit back and watch me die!?"
  • "Thanks for the support. Hm? Why the surprised look?"
  • "Listen to that rich sound! This is from the Northern Song era."
  • "Just look at the trail of wreckage I've created! We're good for another ten years, at least!"
  • "Deliver that case to Lady Kycilla for's.....IT'S PRICELESS!!!"

Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3Edit

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