Magnus Render (BS)
Character Information
Faction: Unaffiliated
Unit Type:
Shield-bearing swordsmen
Weapon Type: Swords
Request Mission(s):
The Key to the Heart
The Truth of Battle
Training the New Guys
Witch of the Woods
Friends and Rivals
Voice Actors:
Liam O'Brien (EN)
Tsubasa Iwata (JP)
Original character.

Magnus (バート, Bert) is a fictional character featured in Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War.

Role in GameEdit

Magnus is a mercenary who has already established a reputation in the tavern. He introduces himself to the protagonist and offers to become friends after remarking on a fire within their eyes. The player soon receives a request to destroy supply carts that are feeding a castle. The player accompanies Magnus to the site of the carts, which are guarded by the mercenary brothers Marc and Georges. He also appears in other story-related battles, often speaking of the other characters involved.

Upon hearing of the protagonist's exploits, Magnus begins to regard him or her as a worthy rival. However, this admiration would soon turn into envy as word of John Hawkwood's defeat reaches his ears. Downcast and depressed, he attempts to drink away his troubles before heading out on the battlefield. Upon approaching the protagonist, he swears to continue their rivalry despite the imbalance of fame between the two.

Co-starring with Joan of Arc in Nightmare, he and his allies help the maiden dispatch a horde of monsters assaulting the French army. Joan's unexpected kidnapping starts a chain of events where Magnus discovers the truth behind the monster attacks. With the help of the protagonist, he manages to weaken the culprit's control over Joan and forces it to reveal its true form. Using his body to shield the maiden, the wounds he sustained end up killing him.

Character InformationEdit


Magnus is a warm-natured and friendly mercenary. He admires John Hawkwood and tries to surpass him by training hard and gaining fame. His ability to socialize well with others has earned him many friends including the misunderstood Shakti.


  • "I do not plan on meeting defeat today, you know. Now, let us begin!"
  • "I don't mean to be rude, but you simply do not stand a chance against me."
  • "I thank you, friend."
  • "Now now, I cannot allow you steal all the glory for yourself!"
  • "How about a friendly little contest, what say you?"
  • "Well that did not require much effort!"
  • "I had so much left to accomplish..."
  • "Ha ha! I am invincible!"
  • "We have seized the enemy bastion!"
  • "We attack at once! Keep pace if you are able!"
  • "Drive them back and our victory shall be assured!"
  • "You shall always be my rival. And I do hope that I shall always be yours."


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