Magoroku Saika
Magoroku Saika (NAO)
Character Information
Clan(s)/Alliance(s): Saika Renegades
Unit Type:
Significant Battle(s):
First Appearance: Samurai Warriors: Xtreme Legends
Historical Information
Real name:
Suzuki Magoroku
Japanese name:
鈴木 孫六
Also known as Magorokurō (孫六郎).

Magoroku Saika (雑賀 孫六, Saika Magoroku) is thought to be Magoichi's younger brother.

Little is historically known about him as he is barely mentioned in historical texts. He was said to have helped his older brother in his campaigns against the Oda. Magoroku is thought to have either surrendered to Hideyoshi or chose to live the life of a wanderer. Apparently, a Magoroku was reported decades later as a participant in the Boshin War.

Role in GamesEdit

Magoroku serves under Magoichi in the Samurai Warriors games. He is first seen in the Assault on Saika Territory protecting Magoichi. He appears defending the southeast garrison in the same stage in the sequel. In the Kasai-Ōsaki Uprising, he is targeted by Kunoichi. The player is given a mission to defeat her before Magoroku is defeated. The fifth 4-II downloadable scenario has him placed into danger when he is stalled and mystified by Masanobu Kōsaka's gentlemanly conduct.

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