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August 2015

  • Nobunaga no Yabou Tenshouki with Power Up Kit HD Version shall be available for the PS Vita and PC November 12. New character portraits will be created for this re-release.
  • Yamasa is developing Pachislot Musou OROCHI, a slot machine adaptation of Musou OROCHI Z that is expected to be in parlors September 28. The official promotional video can be seen on YouTube.
  • Pianist Ryu Hirabayashi, who has a prolific work history with Corda character image songs, is the guest of the 27th episode of Tsukai☆Otome Game Tsushin. Fans can send him questions and other messages until August 16. Contact information is included on the web radio's official blog post.
  • Registration for Koei-Tecmo's 2015 Tokyo Game Show Cosplay Contest is being held this month. This year has Arslan: The Warriors of Legend and Tokimeki Restaurant☆☆☆ listed as eligible IPs for entrants; other third party IPs are not included.
  • This year marks the fifteenth anniversary of the Dynasty Warriors series, specifically the Shin Sangoku Musou series in Japan which does not include the first game. A commemorative website has been posted online to thank its fans and tease its upcoming project.
    • Fans can send their regards towards the series on the website. It may be presented live during the Tokyo Game Show series's anniversary stage event. Deadline for comments is August 31.
  • Koei-Tecmo Japan is posting their programs' compatibility ratings with the Windows 10 update. The list only includes recent games and PC browser games. Additional updates are expected to take place.
  • The MMORPGs and Daikoukai Jidai V have updated their Japanese net cafe bonuses. Players can obtain these new special items until September 3.
  • Nobunaga no Yabou Online's second season update shall introduce the revised Date clan into the MMORPG September 9. Masamune Date and Megohime have new models and new dungeons are going to be added.
  • Shin Sangoku Musou Online Z is going to have a Lu Bu themed update. Players can participate in the event for his weapon or character parts starting August 20.
  • This year marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Uncharted Waters series. Daikoukai Jidai Online and Daikoukai Jidai V players are being offered various campaigns to commemorate the occasion.
    • A special portal dedicated to Online's tenth anniversary is up.
    • Players can purchase the PlayStation 4 virtual pack and log-in to its servers on September 15. Game bonuses and other miscellaneous features can be read in the PlayStation server hub.
    • Japanese Uncharted Waters fans can be eligible for a trip with STWorld, a worldwide travel program that aims to cover each region's culture and historical landmarks. Available courses are scheduled to appear on the campaign page at a later date.
  • A summer myGAMECITY campaign is offering rewards for active users July 22 ~ August 16. Users who participate have a chance of receiving rare items or GC Coins.
  • 2015 marks the thirtieth anniversary of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms series. Koei is celebrating with the thirteenth numbered installment that will be up for sale on December 10, "Romance of the Three Kingdoms Day". Kou Shibusawa is the general producer while Akihiro Suzuki is producer. Its general concept is to represent a setting filled with "hundreds of heroes", allowing players to control individuals rather than a singular ruling warlord.
  • The Neoromance Twitter is celebrating its 30,000 followers with a gift giveaway. Retweet the giveaway Tweets that appear each week for a chance to win special merchandise.
  • Ruby Party is reviving the Halloween Neoromance stage event this year on October 18. Reservations begin August 17.
  • Angelique Retour Secret Side will have its fourth Lumiale centric story up for free reading on August 5.
  • La Corda d'oro Blue♪Sky, the animated adaptation of Kiniro no Corda 3 and its sub series, shall be adapted into a live theatrical production September 4~13. The director and screenplay writer is Koutaro Yoshitani. A live voice actor event for the same IP including all schools is scheduled October 25.
  • B's-Log is holding a character outfit design contest for the Corda 3 cast. The winning designs will be used in the continuity's upcoming sequel Kiniro no Corda 4. Interested fans have until August 27 to submit their ideas. The official Twitter for Corda 4 is up.
  • This year marks the fifteen year anniversary for the Haruka series. Fans can see voice actors perform Haruka character image songs live at Neoromance ♥ Live Haruka Matsuri 2015. It scheduled to take place September 12~13. Fans can request which character songs will be sung on stage until early August.
    • A new series of Haruka 3 drama and vocal CD sets shall be up for purchase. The first one shall be on sale September 30.

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This Month's Featured Article

SamuraiCats - EnglishMainVisual
Samurai Cats is a Nobunaga's Ambition spin off social game which reimagines the series historical figures as cats. The game held a brief beta test in English which was shortly discontinued after a few months. (Read more)

Collaboration of the Month

  • Create articles that aren't character related.

To-Do List

  1. Include stories or detailed movesets for characters/mecha in Dynasty Warriors: Gundam, Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage, One Piece: Pirate Warriors, and Hyrule Warriors.
  2. Update player made characters for Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors. Include Dynasty Warriors VS and Samurai Warriors Chronicle additions.
  3. Add detailed descriptions to all game pages.
  4. Add game or historical information in the battle pages; create more Warriors Orochi and Samurai Warriors battles.
  5. Create more item pages. Include those from the newer games if possible.
  6. Rewrite the faction walkthroughs for Dynasty Warriors 4.
  7. Fill in missing historical section for Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors characters.


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