Marin - HW
Character Information
Songstress of Koholint Island (Tutorial Description)
Dreamer Girl (Enemy Intro)
Useful Weapon Skill:
VS Sea
Voice Actors:
Ruriko Aoki
First Appearance: Hyrule Warriors + Legends
Playable via DLC.

Marin (マリン, Marin) is a playable character in Hyrule Warriors Legends. She originated from Link's Awakening.

Role in GameEdit

Marin currently does not have a story significant role in Hyrule Warriors due to being a DLC character that was added to the game post launch.

Marin has unlockable weapons and appears as both an ally and as an enemy in the Koholint Island map. She plays a minor story role in the Link's Awakening Puzzle Rewards Map.

Character InformationEdit


Marin is a kind loving soul who enjoys singing and playing music. She has a talent for teaching others how to play instruments, as she had taught the Link of her timeline to play her favorite childhood song Ballad of The Wind Fish. She dreams to one day fly high like a seagull in order to travel the world and share her love for music with anyone willing to listen.


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Keys: Y Normal Attack ▲ X Charge AttackA Special TechniqueB Evade

Marin has a special Water Meter that fills up while attacking enemies. As it does, her bell will gain a soft pink glow. Depending on how full the meter is, it may effect how her C1 performs.

X: Swings down bell at an angle, sending bubbles of water forward that will pop and damage enemies. If the Water Meter is empty, or under 1/3rd full, it will only make one bubble. If its 2/3rds or more it will be three bubbles. If the meter is completely full she will shoot out 5 bubbles arching in a semi circle in front of her.
Y, X: Swings bell straight up, knocking enemies into the air.
Y, Y, X: Performs of series of hops, creating circling sound waves along the ground up to three times, one for each hop.
Y, Y, Y, X: Performs a series of spins, while moving in a circular motion, similar to Toon Links Special Attack but on a smaller scale.
Y, Y, Y, Y, X: Jumps up and slams bell down into the ground, creating a huge explosion of water that sends enemies flying in all directions.
Y, Y, Y, Y, Y, X: rings bell over head, enemies caught in sound waves being stunned to keep from damaging her and interrupting. Summons the wind fish to fly forward, performing a body slam and tail wip to send all enemies in front of her flying.
Y, Y, Y, Y, Y, Y: Performs a series of swings that send out exploding bubbles of water directly in front of her. the final end of the combo has performing a series of spins along the ground, ringing the bell over head, and then finishing of the attack string by sending out 3 bubbles of water that create cracking pops to send enemies flying.
A: Rings her bell to summon the wind Fish, who performs a massive belly flop onto enemies in front of her.
Focus Spirit + A: Creates a magic circle while singing. Creating a small explosion of water and musical energy.
Focus Spirit Finisher: flings up her bell, tossing out an orb of water, which creates a massive explosion upon striking the ground in front of her.
Weak Point Smash: Swings her bell from left to right, send out waves of water at enemies, before performing a final rising strike up the middle to send enemies flying.


Weapon Information (Element: Water)
Description: A bell used to awaken the Wind Fish. When rung, the clapper inside unleashes powerful attacks. A Strong Attack will use its stored power, dealing damage equal to the amount used.
Sea Lily Bell Skill Slots: 1~2
Bell - 1st Weapon (HW) Base Attack: 80 1Attack: 88
2Attack: 96 3Attack: 104
4Attack: 112 5Attack: 120
Wavelet Bell Skill Slots: 3~4
Bell - 2nd Weapon (HW) Base Attack: 150 1Attack: 165
2Attack: 180 3Attack: 195
4Attack: 210 5Attack: 225
Awakening Bell Skill Slots: 6~8
Bell - 3rd Weapon (HW) Base Attack: 280 1Attack: 308
2Attack: 336 3Attack: 364
4Attack: 392 5Attack: 420
Awakening Bell + (Legends) Skill Slots: 7~8
Bell - 3rd Weapon (HW) Base Attack: 500 1Attack: 550
2Attack: 600 3Attack: 650
4Attack: 700 5Attack: 750

Badge MaterialsEdit

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Badge Materials
Kokiri Sword I Metal Plate (x1)
Kokiri Sword II Metal Plate (x1) Stalmaster Wrist Bone (x1)
Kokiri Sword III Metal Plate (x1) Gibdo Bandage (x1)
Kokiri Sword IV Metal Plate (x1) Shield-Moblin Helmet (x1)
Stamina Fruit I Big Poe Necklace (x1)
Stamina Fruit II
Stamina Fruit III
Digging Mitts I
Digging Mitts II
Digging Mitts III
Din's Fire I
Din's Fire II
Din's Fire III
Hover Boots I
Hover Boots II
Hover Boots III
Fierce Deity's Mask I
Fierce Deity's Mask II

Badge Materials
Empty Bottle I
Empty Bottle II
Empty Bottle III
Hornet Larvae I
Hornet Larvae II
Hornet Larvae III
Nayru's Love I
Nayru's Love II
Nayru's Love III
Goron Tunic I
Goron Tunic II
Goron Tunic III
Zora Tunic I
Zora Tunic II
Zora Tunic III
Magic Armor I
Magic Armor II
Magic Armor III
Sacred Shield I
Sacred Shield II
Sacred Shield III
Mirror Shield I
Mirror Shield II
Mirror Shield III

Badge Materials
Farore's Wind I
Farore's Wind II
Farore's Wind III
Goron's Bracelet I
Goron's Bracelet II
Hawkeye I
Hawkeye II
Beetle I
Beetle II
Whip I
Whip II


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