Marth (FEW)
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Caeda (wife)
Cornelius (father)
Elice (older sister)
First Exalt (distant descendant)
Chrom (distant descendant)
Emmeryn (distant descendant)
Lissa (distant descendant)
Lucina (distant descendant)
Owain (distant descendant)
Ophelia (distant descendant)
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Marth (マルス) is a playable character in Fire Emblem Warriors. This incarnation of him is based on his appearance in the remake of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon.

Role in GameEdit

When the other worldly allied force are ambushed by the army of Gristonne and Outrealm during their failed raid to on Gristonne kingdom to dethrone the traitorous king Oskar from his throne, Marth along with Navarre, Caeda and Tiki arrived on time to rescue their newfound allies and escape to come up with a plan to counter Gristonne and Outrealm army’s strategies. However, Marth’s force are unable to save one of allied force’s ally and true heir of Gristonne kingdom prince Darios from being captured, and even worst in which Marth and his allies are unaware is that Oskar’s contracted ally Velezark has also possessed Darios at a same time before the heroes return to rescue the captured Gristonne prince.

At first, most of the Awakening cast (particularly Marth’s descendants) did not know that this incarnation of Marth from the timeline prior becoming a Hero King in the future, much to Marth’s confusion. Thankfully, only Frederick sums up about which timeline of this Marth come from.

Character InformationEdit


Hayashi remarked that Marth's inclusion was like a dream come true. He has played Fire Emblem since his childhood and talking to other developers about their memories with the series made him nostalgic for the first title. He is grateful to have helped with Marth's development.


While not very confident in himself due to past experiences, Marth's kind and trusting nature wins over allies even though it leaves him vulnerable to betrayal.


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  • This is the first time that Marth has ever had a class promotion in any video game, although the Japanese trading card game Fire Emblem Cipher also has Marth promote into the Lodestar class. Previously, the Lodestar was Marth's class when he appeared as a bonus character in both Awakening and Fates, although in those games it's his only class without any promoting either way. Marth's Lodestar outfit in Warriors is original and doesn't resemble the Lodestar outfits he has in the card game.
    • Since his battle map sprite is taken from Awakening, where his appearance just reuses Lucina's model and sprites with a slightly changed head, it doesn't match the Shadow Dragon outfit that he wears in this game.


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