Masato Koike (小池 雅人, Koike Masato) is a Japanese sound creator and music composer. He entered Koei in 2003 as a sound effects editor for Dynasty Tactics 2 and Angelique Etoile. Koike made his first known music composer credit in Samurai Warriors. He strives to fuse traditional instruments with synthesizers or a techno beat in many of his compositions, wanting to match the musical themes of the time period whenever possible. He can actually play some of the woodwind instruments in his songs and has professed to have enjoyed doing so on many occasions. Despite what people think about his rock compositions, Koike himself cannot play the guitar exceptionally well so he needs to rely on MASA or another guitar player to give him good recordings.

A handful of his popular compositions with Warriors fans include the Komaki-Nagakute theme song from Samurai Warriors: Xtreme Legends, WELCOME TO CHINA in Dynasty Warriors 6, KOTODAMA RUNNER from Warriors Orochi 2, and any of the music compositions made exclusively for Musou OROCHI Z.

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Koike has been credited for composing or arranging music tracks for the following titles (listed chronologically by game's first release date).

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