This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Masayuki Sanada.

Samurai Warriors: Spirit of SanadaEdit

  • "既に勝ちは見えておる" (Sudeni kachi wa miete oru, We are already the winners.)
  • "指揮は任せたぞ" (Shiki wa makaseta zo, I hereby give you command.)
  • "我が策で敵を翻弄せよ" (Waga saku de teki o honrō seyo, Let's fight the enemy with our measure!)
  • "王道のため、力を尽" (Ōdō no tame,-ryoku o tsukushimasu, I will do my best, Lord Shingen.)
  • "あてにさせてもらうぞ" (Ate ni sa sete morau zo, I will let you count on it.)
  • "私が、必ずお支えします" (Watashi ga, kanarazu o sasae shimasu, I am glad to be of service.)
  • "詰みである" (Tsumidearu, All set here.)
  • "見えているぞ" (Miete iru zo, Watch this!)
  • "好機と見える" (Kōki to mieru, Looks like an opportunity.)
  • "既に遅い" (Sudeni osoi, Too slow!)
  • "我が術中である" (Waga jutchūdearu, That's my genius!)
  • "Too smart and too strong."
  • "Physical Achievements are not worth boasting about."
  • "Too easy so far."
  • "I will let no man stand in the way of my great lord's path to glory!"
  • "This is quite an accomplishment."
  • "You are like a demon on the battlefield, Lord Katsuyori!"
  • "Ahh... It seems that faith is not entirely worthless."
  • "我が策の中に自ら飛び込んでくるとはな" (Waga saku no naka ni mizukara tobikonde kuruto Hana, I don't think you should walk into my plans.)


  • "Our scouts have reported back that the enemy is located in the following positions."
  • "This shall be most entertaining."

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