Character Information
Allegiance(s): none
Voice Actor(s):
Anjli Mohindra (EN)
Miyuki Sawashiro (JP)
First Appearance: Dragon Quest Heroes
Dragon Quest IV party member.

Maya (マーニャ, Mānya) is a playable character in Dragon Quest Heroes. Her character is a reprisal of her debut appearance.

Role in GameEdit

Maya is a popular performer and Meena's older sister.

Character InformationEdit


Sawashiro was selected for the part because Horii felt her tone of voice fit his perceived image of the character. Sawashiro tried to capture her character's charming allure of being a woman who could get away with doing anything. She strove to make her performance striking to match with Toriyama's distinct character designs.


Confident of her charms and dances, Maya loves to gamble.


  • "It's time for the grand finale!"
  • "I'm hot stuff, huh!"
  • "I'll take you all on!"
  • "Eh? Is that all you've got?"
  • "All done. Next!"
  • "Hm hm! Satisfaction guaranteed!"


Keys Square Attack 1 • Tri Attack 2Circle Skill/MagicX Jump

Square,Square,Square,Square: Swings one of her fans right, then her two fans left, then swings her fans right.
Tri: Spinning fire dance and a jump
Square,Tri: Maya does a jumping upper fan swipe.
Square,Square,Tri: Maya does two fiery fan swipes, and a flip forward.
Square,Square,Square,Tri: Throws her fans out like boomerangs as they burn.
Mid-Air Square,Square:
Mid-Air Tri (Hold):
Circle: Coup de Grâce: Puff: Maya dances around and eventually changes into a large purple dragon, then breathes a large blast of fire onto enemies.

Finishing Blow


R1 (Hold) + Square: Fan Dango: Maya empowers her fans and spins them around her like a vortex. Costs 8 MP.
R1 (Hold) + Tri: Dancing Dragons: Maya jumps into the air and summons two fiery dragons to fly in front of her rapidly burning enemies. Costs 12 MP.
R1 (Hold) + Circle: Sizz: Maya unleashes a trail of fire. Costs 5 MP.
R1 (Hold) + Circle (Hold): Sizzle: Maya makes a zigzag trail of fire. Costs 9 MP.
R1 (Hold) + Circle (Hold 2): Kasizz:Maya sends two tremors and ignites large pillars of fire. Costs 17 MP.
R1 (Hold) + X: Sultry Dance

Passive AbilitiesEdit

Fighting StyleEdit

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