Mayu Inose (猪瀬 真由, Inose Mayu) is a CG designer and character modeler. She has worked for the CG unit in Koei's development department since 2005.

Inose studied at Musashi Art University for a design degree. During her studies, she became attached to historical and ethnic aesthetics. Koei's reputation for historical works appealed to her personal tastes; Inose especially liked Dynasty Warriors 3 and had played every character up to level 99. About a year after she graduated, she didn't land job prospects that appealed to her. When she reconsidered what she wanted to do, Inose decided to work for a company that she liked. After revising her portfolio for animation, Inose applied to Koei and is grateful to have been accepted. She mainly has experience with 3D character models but has recently ventured into designing GUI for games.

When she models for character's clothing, Inose pays close attention to how fabric wraps around their body. She strives to make details that have believable and refined qualities but are not distracting to the player experience.

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