Medli (HWL)
Character Information
Sage of Earth
Valoo's Attendant
Rito Harp
Useful Weapon Skill:
VS Sea
Voice Actors:
Chiaki Takahashi
First Appearance: Hyrule Warriors + Legends
Playable via update.

Medli (メドリ, Medori) is a playable character in Hyrule Warriors Legends. She originated from The Wind Waker. She is the personal attendant of the Dragon Deity of her home land, Valoo, and the Sage of the Earth.

Role in GameEdit

Medli currently does not have a story significant role in Hyrule Warriors due to being a DLC character that was added to the game post launch.

Medli has unlockable weapons and appears as both an ally and as an enemy in the Master Wind Waker map. She plays a minor story role in the Master Wind Waker Puzzle Rewards Map.

Character InformationEdit


Medli is a sweet young girl who hails from Dragonroost Island, the home land of her people the Rito. Shes very polite and generous to those whom she meets, always giving a courteous bow in their direction when speaking to them. However she has self doubt issues, and often questions her ability to do almost anything yet holds a soft determination that manages to get her through most troubles. She tends to put others before her self and as a result will often times put her self in dangerous situations to help those in need, yet her cautious and positive outlook helps her manage to get through said dangers.

She also has a playful and somewhat mischievous side to her personality as well. Her desire and determination to help others can often times allow her to willing bend, or break, the rules set by authoritative figures for what she considers the greater good.


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Keys: Y Normal Attack ▲ X Charge AttackA Special TechniqueB Evade

Rito HarpEdit

If Medli ever finds herself in the air, pressing Y while in the air will cause her to perform a series of powerful wing beats and dash attacks, juggling enemies in the air. Pressing X will cause her to perform a powerful spiraling dive bomb attack that damages airborne enemies on her way down, and cause a minor explosion upon impacting the ground and damaging enemies. If her Unique Ability Bar is full and the players presses B she is able to dash forward momentarily, up to three times, allowing for multiple Y combos.

X: Performs a corkscrew attack directly into enemies in front of her. Fully charges her unique ability bar.
Y, X: Dashes into the air and performs a back flip kick to knock enemies into the air. Can be comboed with her air attacks.
Y, Y, X: Dashes forward and trips, falling to the ground and sends enemies flying.
Y, Y, Y, X: Performs a series of zig-zag patterns in the air, gaining altitude gradually, to knock enemies into the air and damaging them as she does so. Can be combo-ed with her air attacks.
Y, Y, Y, Y, X: Spins around forming a tornado that launches her into the air. Draws in enemies during the tornado's creation. Enemies are scattered and sent flying as she falls back to the ground.
Y, Y, Y, Y, Y, X: Plays her harp as beams of light shoot rain from the sky in front of her. A magic emblem forms on the ground as she plays her harp. It then explodes and sends enemies flying. Fully charges her unique ability bar.
Y, Y, Y, Y, Y, Y, Y: Plays her harp, shooting out gusts of wind to damage enemies. Combo finisher ends with forming a tornado to draw in enemies, and shooting a beam of light from her harp (can be redirected to attack multiple angles) before sending enemies flying after the tornado explodes.
A: Creates a massive orb of wind that damages enemies while drawing them in. Then jumps up into the air and then dive-bombs into the enemies in the orb of turbulent wind.
Focus Spirit + A: Looks around a few moments before flying forward, flapping her wings, and sending out a burst of wind all around her.
Focus Spirit Finisher: Plays her harp softly before gracefully spinning and holding her harp out in front of her, forming an explosion of light to send enemies flying.
Weak Point Smash: Summons a small orb of wind over her head, then jumps up into the air and flies around it forming a tornado, before flying into the center of it and causing the tornado to explode.


The second, third, and + variations cannot be unlocked without the Master Wind Waker DLC pack in Legends.

Weapon Information (Element: Light)
Description: A harp imbued with holy power. The sage's prayer allows it to store the power of wind with a Strong Attack, enabling an evasive attack by pressing B while airborne.
Sacred Harp Skill Slots: 1~2
Rito Harp - 1st Weapon (HW) Base Attack: 80 1Attack: 88
2Attack: 96 3Attack: 104
4Attack: 112 5Attack: 120
Earth God's Harp Skill Slots: 3~4
Rito Harp - 2nd Weapon (HW) Base Attack: 150 1Attack: 165
2Attack: 180 3Attack: 195
4Attack: 210 5Attack: 225
Din's Harp Skill Slots: 6~8
Rito Harp - 3rd Weapon (HW) Base Attack: 280 1Attack: 308
2Attack: 336 3Attack: 364
4Attack: 392 5Attack: 420
Din's Harp + (Legends) Skill Slots: 7~8
Rito Harp - 3rd Weapon (HW) Base Attack: 500 1Attack: 550
2Attack: 600 3Attack: 650
4Attack: 700 5Attack: 750

Badge MaterialsEdit

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Badge Materials
Kokiri Sword I
Kokiri Sword II
Kokiri Sword III
Kokiri Sword IV
Stamina Fruit I
Stamina Fruit II
Stamina Fruit III
Digging Mitts I
Digging Mitts II
Digging Mitts III
Din's Fire I
Din's Fire II
Din's Fire III
Hover Boots I
Hover Boots II
Hover Boots III
Fierce Deity's Mask I
Fierce Deity's Mask II

Badge Materials
Empty Bottle I
Empty Bottle II
Empty Bottle III
Hornet Larvae I
Hornet Larvae II
Hornet Larvae III
Nayru's Love I
Nayru's Love II
Nayru's Love III
Goron Tunic I
Goron Tunic II
Goron Tunic III
Zora Tunic I
Zora Tunic II
Zora Tunic III
Magic Armor I
Magic Armor II
Magic Armor III
Sacred Shield I
Sacred Shield II
Sacred Shield III
Mirror Shield I
Mirror Shield II
Mirror Shield III

Badge Materials
Farore's Wind I
Farore's Wind II
Farore's Wind III
Goron's Bracelet I
Goron's Bracelet II
Hawkeye I
Hawkeye II
Beetle I
Beetle II
Whip I
Whip II


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