Metal Header is one of two new songs added for the Duet Mode in Gitaroo-Man Lives!. So far, it hasn't received a CD or soundtrack release.


Lyrics/Vocals: Andy MacKinlay
Guitar: Satoshi Izumi
Music/arrangement/keyboards/other instruments/programming: tomozuin h


Well, I'm the king of the battle bots
Never knew the other
but I am proud from the bottom to the top.
Aw, one little click with my robot kick,
twist and hurl, my steel fist comes.
You cannot defeat me
I am stronger than your soul
Rocking monster up and on and on, on and on
Well, son of another trash macho fest
You wanna bet?
What do you wanna put up to the test?
Helmet up and the visor down
The robot king with my metal crown
I'll make a meal of you!
You cannot defeat me
I am stronger than your soul
Rocking monster up and on and on
Iron shoulder, man of steel
Nuts and bolts are like a wheel
I'll fly away with my rocket pack
Versus another when they start to attack
Ash and metal and the fist to the dome
Iron to the stomach, here I go!
Don't test my power, I'm the man of the hour
In the corner, you will cower!
Who can interest me with their little tricks
I will drop on you like a ton of bricks!
This is the last song you will ever sing
When I blast you away with my atomic wind
Pretty boys don't stand a chance
I'll bust you up with my metal stance
My turbo boost is the ultimate test
You can't go beat when it comes to the bestt
I will crush you like a little grape!
All your power I will take
Watch those boots 'cause he's going in mean
I'm super charged to infinity!
See what it takes to be a metal man?
How dare you meddle can't you understand?
I'll turn my back and still attack
Ten tons of muscle no ounce of fat
Well, no monster's gonna pick on me
I'm the metal man, now can't you see?
I'm gonna grind you up, I'm gonna shoot you down
Too many clowns in Gitaroo Town
See the light up and watch as I move
No one knows which way I'll go
It could be left, or it could be right
Then all of a sudden, it's good going!
(Alternate Path)
Punk, you never learn
Time for you to crash and burn!
Watch me spit my nitro juice,
burn you up with my nitro boost!
Chew you up and spit you out,
My metal crusher is no doubt!
All these folk' will fully dread,
when I start to shred with my metal head!