Michio Uno (宇野 道夫, Uno Michio) is a former Koei employee who worked with the company for thirteen years (1993~2006). He helped with character designs, orchestrating events, and making illustrations. He is currently a freelance illustrator.

Works at KoeiEdit

  • Romance of the Three Kingdoms series
    • Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI - opening scenario production and event illustrations
    • Romance of the Three Kingdoms IX - CG director
    • Pachislot Romance of the Three Kingdoms - CG director, various still drawings, battle sequences
  • Taiko Risshiden V - CG director and opening production
  • Daikoukai Jidai IV ~Porto Estado~ - CG director and character designer
  • Houshin Engi - chibi designer
  • Suikoden ~Tendou Hyaku Hachisei~ - character designer (console versions), chibi designer (PC version)
  • Samurai Warriors 2 - weapon designs

External LinksEdit

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