This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Milliardo Peacecraft.

Dynasty Warriors GundamEdit

  • "Now, you meet Milliardo Peacecraft!"
  • "Sorry, but you can't write me off yet!"
  • "Weakling!"
  • "Interesting."
  • "Let's finish this!"
  • "I still don't feel like one of the weak!"
  • "How disappointing. Hardly worth the effort."
  • "How far can I go? I'm the only enemy I must defeat."
  • "Epyon... guide me to victory!"
  • "The power to create the best future... that's the power of the Epyon!"
  • "We've taken the field. Drop your useless resistance!"
  • "As a warrior I must challenge you to a duel!
  • "It seems my life was destined for bloodshed."
  • "Being with you on the field of battle brings memories of old times..."
  • "You'll never know the foolishness of war unless you fight."
  • "You're willing to forfeit your life in battle. I shall strive to do the same!"
  • "I was right about you. Men of war have their uses after all."
  • "You are a true warrior."
  • "You create your own history and justice! You are truly a professional warrior!"
  • "Fighting alongside a valiant comrade in arms brings joy to a warrior!"
  • "Kill or be killed. That's why I'm here."
  • "Well fought. But I'm not dead yet!"
  • "A fight between equals... It would be an insult to refuse to fight!"
  • "The universe would be better off without you!"
  • "This battle is mine! I don't feel any fear at all!"

Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3Edit

  • "And now you meet Milliardo Peacecraft!"
  • "Too green!"
  • "Let's finish this!"
  • "Brainless twits!"
  • "I'll teach you a lesson!"
  • "How far can I go? The real enemy is none other than myself!"
  • "We cannot ignore those who might still be saved!"
  • "That's the spirit! Goooooo!!!"
  • "I will destroy all who obstruct my path!"
  • "Epyon, lead me to victory!"
  • "The Epyon has the power to make the best future a reality!"
  • "The field is ours! Cease your meaningless resistance!"
  • "I was destined to a life of blood. It is a fate to which I am resigned."
  • "If you want to go any further, you will have to get by me!"
  • "We can't be friends!"
  • "You'll never know the foolishness of war unless you fight."
  • "Don't worry about it. But I can understand why you feel that way."
  • "This battle is mine! All fear has left me!"
  • "I cannot refuse any who challenge me."
  • "Never hold back. Regardless of who you are fighting. To do otherwise is conceit."
  • "I accept you as my strongest rival, and agree to do battle with you!"
  • "The battle will only get harder from here. Watch yourself!"
  • "With that attitude, you'll be fine."
  • "I'm going to settle our score here and now!"
  • "I appear to have misread the situation!"
  • "As a warrior, I am forced to challenge you to a duel!"
  • "I'm going to settle our score here and now!"
  • "Back off! You're really pushing your luck."
  • "Decisions made with a calm mind are the ones you're least likely to regret."
  • "I cannot approve of this. The battlefield is no place for play!"
  • "This battle is my war against aesthetics and superficiality!"
  • "That's enough. More than enough."
  • "A hired front line soldier must never rush into battle."
  • "I was right about you. Men of war have their uses after all."
  • "You care for others and possess a strong heart. You are the perfect role model!"

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