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Mimase Pass
Date October 8, 1569
Location Mimase Pass, (modern day Aikawa, Kanagawa at Mimase)
Result Takeda victory
Takeda Hojo
Shingen Takeda Ujinaga Hojo
Ujiyasu Hojo

The Battle of Mimase Pass (三増峠の戦い, Mimasetōge no Tatakai) is an engagement takes place after Shingen's attempted siege of Odawara Castle. He personally leads an army twice the size of Kenshin's forces yet fails within four days due to a fire attack. As his forces withdrew, Ujiyasu's sons broke formation to pursue.

Role in GamesEdit

In Samurai Warriors 3, this is the third level in Shingen's story mode as well as a level in Ujiyasu Hojo's.

In the Takeda scenario, Yukimura, Kunoichi, and Sakon prepare to defend Shingen as he retreats. First, Shingen prepares to eliminate Ujinaga Hojo as he withdraws. Ujikuni Hojo is the next target to open up a detour. Ujiyasu, Kai, and Kenshin enter the fray in an attempt to intercept Shingen's escape path. Shingen's objective is to keep his vassals safe while heading to the escape point.

Ujiyasu's scenario allows players to defeat Shingen before he escapes.

This battle also appears in Samurai Warriors Katana when playing the Ninja story.

Historical InformationEdit

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