Mojo King Bee

Mojo King Bee (モジョキングBee or モジョキングB) is a soldier of the Gravillian Empire and the third opponent that U-1 faces in Gitaroo-Man. Zowie tells him to chase U-1 on earth after Flying-O crashes. He confronts them in a forest near a lake and rhythmically yells, "I'm gonna get you, Gitaroo-Man!"

Mojo King Bee is considered an enigma, even with his fellow Gravillians. He has the power to manipulate the darkness to his will. No one has seen his face without his shiny glasses, and some rumors suggests that he only shows it to the opponents he defeats. His trumpet playing is top-class and considered to be elite even among the Gravillians.

He is voiced by Kaleb James in both the English and Japanese versions.


For players playing the game for the first time, Mojo King Bee is the first opponent who truly tests the player's endurance due to his battle's length and sudden increased difficulty. His compositions feature more complex Attack and Defense Phases, as his attacks are quicker and U-1's Phase Bars are more broken than before. He is actually easier than other opponents in retrospect, but perfecting the stage is a good way to prepare for later challenges in the game.

His Gitaroo is his trumpet and he can also fly around the lake's area with his wings. When he's defeated, he loses his Gitaroo and sinks into the lake's water with a parting "See ya..."


Bee Jam Blues
used in stage 3.
A funky, blues tune. It's a shared melody with Mojo King Bee's trumpet and U-1's blues sounding Gitaroo. The song features an English speaking chorus with upbeat singers; a female voice announces the Gravillian's name at the start of the song. Kaleb James's lines during the game are not featured on the soundtrack.

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