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This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Momiji.

Warriors Orochi 3Edit

  • "My strength is yours to use as you see fit."
  • "I have served faithfully, as a Dragon Shrine Maiden must."
  • "It is time for the Dragon Shrine Maiden to shine!"
  • "I have done all that can be expected of me."
  • "I am not satisfied yet. I will reach even greater heights."
  • "I'd like you to have this. I believe it will be useful for you."
  • "You were wonderful."
  • "Never mind. There's always next time."
  • "I really feel like I made a contribution to our cause last time."
  • "It appears the Dragon Shrine Maiden is not needed in this world..."
  • "I'm sorry I wasn't more help... As a Dragon Shrine Maiden, I vow to make amends next time."
  • "I can't remember the last time I was able to relax this much..."
  • "I have cut down another enemy."
  • "This battlefield has witnessed the power of the Dragon Shrine Maiden!"
  • "I'm glad to have someone as strong as you with us."
  • "Huang Zhong, you're the greatest archer the world has ever seen."
  • "Okuni, your dance ignites the battlefield."
  • "You are the finest ninja in the land... I must improve my own skills."
  • "You're quite some warrior, Himiko!"
  • "Amazing, Master Ryu. I have witnessed the might that ties the Hayabusa clan together."
  • "I never thought our enemy would be this strong..."
  • "Another one of me...? If this is a nightmare, I hope I wake up soon."
  • "Wonderful skill."
  • "Simply fantastic."
  • "Thanks. You really helped me out."
  • "You arrived just in time."
  • "You're challenging me?"
  • "I was... just awful."
  • "Magnificent, Huang Zhong."
  • "Thank you for helping me, Huang Zhong."
  • "Okuni, your dance is so elegant."
  • "Okuni, you came to help me?"
  • "Fantastic ninja skill."
  • "Thanks so much for your help."
  • "Himiko, you may be small but you fight like a giant!"
  • "You've come to help me, Himiko?"
  • "Amazing, Master Ryu."
  • "Forgive me, Master Ryu."
  • "Fantastic skill. I must improve my abilities so I can contribute more to our cause."
  • "Amazing. You truly are a great warrior."
  • "Thanks for your help. Now let's strike back at the enemy."
  • "Great timing. Would you mind giving me a hand?"
  • "You're challenging me? I won't hold back, even if it is you."
  • "I was... just awful. I must improve before we meet again."
  • "Wonderful, Huang Zhong. You're just so captivating on the battlefield."
  • "Thanks for your help, Huang Zhong. I'm fine now. Let's give them some payback."
  • "Okuni, your dance is so elegant. Any enemy who sees it falls before you."
  • "Okuni, you came to help me? Let's take the enemy on together!"
  • "Fantastic ninja skill. I can learn so much from you, as one of a different clan."
  • "Thanks for helping me out. Let's work together to get through this."
  • "Himiko, you may be small but you fight like a giant! I'm going to have to up my game."
  • "You've come to help me, Himiko? I'll be fine now that you're here."
  • "Magnificent, Master Ryu. I hope one day to be able to emulate your skill."
  • "Forgive me, Master Ryu. I am fine. Let us fight on, together."
  • "Unbelievable skill. You never cease to amaze me."
  • "Fantastic, as always. With you here, we can never lose."
  • "I'm so relieved to see you. Please, would you mind helping me out?"
  • "I always knew you'd come. Let's teach our enemy a lesson."
  • "I must fight... you? If this is to be my destiny, I will give it my all!"
  • "Your superior resolution has won you victory. It's difficult to take, but I must accept this."
  • "The might of your arrows overwhelms the battlefield. No-one can match Huang Zhong's skill with the bow."
  • "Huang Zhong, I've been waiting for you. Let your arrows fly free across the battlefield!"
  • "Okuni, your dance is so beautiful. I'm beginning to understand how our enemy must feel at the sight of it."
  • "Helping your allies and hurting your enemies with the dance of a shrine maiden. Okuni, you're no ordinary warrior."
  • "You sweep through your enemies with such grace. I feel safe knowing you're on our side."
  • "I've been waiting for you. Let's show our enemy the power of the ninja!"
  • "Just what I'd expect from you, Himiko. Together we're unstoppable!"
  • "Thanks for coming, Himiko. Despite your size, there's no-one I'd rather have at my side."
  • "Wonderful, Master Ryu! It is an honor indeed to be able to fight alongside you."
  • "I knew you would come, Master Ryu... I must do my best to ensure I am not a burden upon you."
  • "Prepare to face the Dragon Shrine Maiden!"
  • "Argh, you're stronger than I thought... but this shall only serve as even better training!"
  • "As Dragon Shrine Maiden and guardian of my village, I will not yield to you!"
  • "Huang Zhong, I wish to test myself against your bow."
  • "Even at your age, you still wield the bow like no other... A lifetime of training has served you well."
  • "So... strong. But such is the challenge I face and must overcome!"
  • "Okuni, I challenge you and your umbrella to a duel."
  • "How can someone wielding an umbrella be getting the better of me...? I have to do something about this."
  • "That's it... I will be outdone no longer. I will protect those dear to me with all my might!"
  • "As a fellow ninja, I must prove my worth against you."
  • "Such playful talk, combined with such strength... Where could this power possibly come from?"
  • "If I fail here, I'll never be able to face the people of my village. I will unleash the true power of the Dragon Shrine Maiden!"
  • "I am to face... such a tiny foe."
  • "Though small, you're not to be taken lightly... You remind me of Sanji."
  • "I can't believe I'm being pushed this hard... I need to strike back and regain some dignity."
  • "Master Ryu, I wish to test my skills against you!"
  • "Such strength... I have to do better if I'm to beat the Dragon Ninja."
  • "I hope you don't mind me using a little trick I have up my sleeve!"
  • "The Dragon Shrine Maiden shall be your opponent!"
  • "In that case, I will show you how hard I trained in the village!"
  • "I'm not falling for your sugary sweet words. This is a fight, you know!"
  • "Are you trying to put me off with that innocent tone of voice? It won't work, you know."
  • "Oh, Himiko... Well, if that's what you want."
  • "I will gladly show you what I have learned!"

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