This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Morgan.

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3Edit

  • "I am going to make you regret challenging me."
  • "Looks like you don't know who's the greatest here."
  • "Don't underestimate me."
  • "None of you is getting close to the enemy!"
  • "I will win this fight, and tell the world of my greatness!"
  • "Whatever the odds, we have no choice."
  • "Trying to sound smart, huh?"
  • "Advance! Commence the attack!"
  • "I just need to save my allies, then?"
  • "Follow them! Don't let any get away!"
  • "Pirate scum shouldn't try to stand against me."
  • "Everything the elite do is right!"
  • "Excellent work, for you."
  • "Eliminate all resistance! Just like that!"
  • "I am great. The supreme human."
  • "I'm coming to assist you."
  • "I rule this place."
  • "I'm seizing this territory!"
  • "I will eliminate all resistance! I am a great man!!"
  • "I will gain an even stronger power! I can't afford to be captured in a place like this!"
  • "All who resist me are sentenced to death!"
  • "Weaklings like you call themselves Marines? Don't make me laugh!"
  • "Tell the world of my greatness!"
  • "Work your way up the ranks with those skills."
  • "This is an order, come to my aid!"
  • "If you can see how great I am, I'll work with you."
  • "Impressive! I'll report this to headquarters."
  • "Thanks for that."
  • "Hey, somebody help me!"
  • "This is impressive, for you."
  • "Kid, you shouldn't try to stand against a captain!"
  • "No need for mercy against rebels. Execute every last one of them!"
  • "I know your planning to rebel! Take your execution quietly!"
  • "Don't try to apply your justice to me."
  • "Are you an important person?"
  • "Why isn't anyone coming to help!?"
  • "So you noticed how important I am."
  • "Small fry shouldn't try to stand against me."
  • "Axe-Hand Morgan will take charge of the defenses here."
  • "What makes you worthy of me bringing my axe down on you?"
  • "So you're saying I'm against justice!?"
  • "A Vice Admiral... This is getting tricky."
  • "This will hurt my standing as captain."
  • "Now they've gone too far!"
  • "What are you doing!? Kill them!"
  • "Damn it... These nobodies..."
  • "What monsters..."

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