Morning Light is a song performed by Japanese vocalist, Emiko Nishiyama. It is the ending song of Destrega.


Lyrics: Kevin G. Snow
Composition: Tony Ariga
Arrangement: Shinsuke Sugiuchi


Lowly mists fade with the dark
as the night stars fade into the day
To doings, carries, I will reface
and brush my tears away
All these years, I've been searching
for something that I lost
But today, I have found
it was waiting just for me to see
The bright sunlight
wears my soul, let's meet
as friends, to face
each brand new day
Let the missing key
that help me when I fail
Always with me
like an ever spring ray
And now I've lost the price I pay
a battle we've in store
Since I've found you
I will never be alone

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