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Musou ☆ Stars
Musou Stars Splash Art
Developer(s): Omega Force
Publisher(s): Koei-Tecmo
Release Date: TBA
Genre: Hack and slash
Game Modes: Single Player, Multiplayer
Ratings: TBA
Platform(s): PS4, PS Vita

Musou ☆ Stars (無双☆スターズ) is a crossover game featuring more than 10 IPs owned by Koei and its subsidiaries. Originally meant to be a new Warriors Orochi game, the developers decided to create something different to "evolve" the Warriors series.


The story takes place in an alternate world that relies on a miraculous spring to sustain itself. The King who could control the spring's powers suddenly perished, leaving the world in turmoil. The Queen told her daughter to summon otherworldly heroes to save their land, but the attempted summoning malfunctioned and left them scattered in different areas. Eventually, other members of this royal family are deemed eligible for the throne, dividing all the heroes into three warring factions.


  • The game will feature two main modes: Free Scenario and Multi Ending.
  • In battle, players can deploy a number of allies to support their character with various actions.
  • Unlike in Warriors Orochi, the character roster has been cut down to provide more focus to appearing characters.
  • Players can explore various marked locations using the world map. Stages taken from different IPs will be present.



Related MediaEdit

Famitsu will be holding a poll for fans to make character requests. Those considered for inclusion may appear as downloadable characters with their own stories and endings.


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