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This is a list of commonly hear quotes from Nami.

One Piece: Pirate WarriorsEdit

  • "If you think I'm just another cute girl, you're dead wrong!"
  • "It's sunny today, with a chance of mirages and squalls in some areas. Watch out for stormy weather!"
  • "No way we can lose to them!"
  • "Sorry, but I don't have time to fool around with you!"
  • "Okay, everyone! Let's go!"
  • "I've got nothing at all to give you!"
  • "This is mine now!"
  • "Ready to die?"
  • "Well, that seemed to work!"
  • "It's ours now. Let's keep going."
  • "What are you, stupid?"
  • "That's what you get for underestimating me!"
  • "I told you not to get in my way!"
  • "What's just about what you've done?! That's a bunch of crap!"
  • "Stop being an idiot!"
  • "All right! I must have hit a weak point or something!"
  • "Oh, what a pity! I'm more than a cute navigator."
  • "I served you to earn the treasure to save my village! But that's over now! I'll get my freedom by defeating you!"
  • "Good job everyone! Looks like we won this."
  • "The battle's over! Now for some exciting treasure!"
  • "Whew! We finally cleared 'em out. Now we can keep going!"
  • "Mmmm! I love it when things go right!"

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2Edit

  • "I can't lose to those guys!"
  • "You're not that strong after all!"
  • "I'm not messing around!"
  • "I told you not to get in my way!"
  • "I'll take this, thanks."
  • "Are you stupid?"
  • "This is in our hands now. Let's keep going."
  • "Luffy says he will be the Pirate King, I can't be satisfied with being an ordinary navigator."
  • "Huh? There's no one here! I'll take it!"
  • "You can call me little magician!"
  • "This is mine starting now! If you try and take it, you won't get off easy."
  • "Good job, everyone! We won!"
  • "Heehee, big catch, big catch!"

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3Edit

  • "This is one battle I can't lose! Here I come!"
  • "I don't have a single thing to give to you guys!!"
  • "I won't lose to those jerks!"
  • "Sorry, but I don't have time to play with you!"
  • "If I'm gonna fight, I'm gonna win!"
  • "I understand. You need the abilities of a talented navigator, right?"
  • "Give me some solid orders!"
  • "Shut up! Come at me now!
  • "Don't underestimate the climate science of Weatheria!!"
  • "You can call me little magician!"
  • "Sorry, but I'm more than a cute navigator!"
  • "Your problem is you underestimated me!"
  • "I told you not to get in my way!"
  • "Wait! Can you really protect me like that?"
  • "You know I'm not just cute, right?"
  • "No way... I won?"
  • "This victory is mine! Any complaints?"
  • "Sorry Robin! This one is mine!"
  • "Could you not lump me together with just any old navigator?"
  • "You guys have nothing to do with justice! What a joke!"
  • "You're not at full power now, right? Thaks for taking it easy on me."
  • "Luffy's gonna become the Pirate King! Because he has an excellent navigator with him!"
  • "I've been to the brink of death... So don't just lump me together with those other girls."
  • "Arlong... I don't ever want to see your face again!"
  • "This area feels like it might be hiding treasure!"
  • "Oh my! Seems like there's no one here! I guess this is mine then!"
  • "I'll be taking this territory.."
  • "Aren't you doing well. Now, it's my turn!"
  • "You'll never find a navigator like me anywhere else!"
  • "If you think I'm just a cute girl, you're dead wrong!"
  • "Luffy says he will be the Pirate King. I can't be satisfied with being an ordinary navigator."
  • "Yes, just keep it up! 'Cause you got a beautiful navigator cheering for you!"
  • "Wow! You've been very busy! Guess I could give you a bigger cut of the treasure."
  • "Nice! Keep doing that!"
  • "Whoa! Somebody, do something!"
  • "Didn't you know? Battles are a piece of cake for a beautiful navigator!"
  • "Nobody challenges Luffy and survives!"
  • "Thanks! As thanks you'll receive help from someone cute and strong: me!"
  • "Here I go! Just watch me!"
  • "I'm here to help you! You owe me one now!"
  • "This is our territory! Like we'd hand it over!"
  • "Look at you guys go! Meanwhile, I'll be collecting some treasure."
  • "There is treasure is over there, right...? Isn't there anyone around to help me out?"
  • "How am I supposed to fight someone like you?!"
  • "They won't even help people in trouble What's the World Government good for?!"
  • "Up against a lady Marine, huh... But I can't lose."
  • "You're stronger than Luffy, right? I don't stand a chance!"
  • "Okay. I'll leave the rest to you."
  • "Not here... Not now!"
  • "Whew, we finished somehow... Now we can keep moving!"
  • "Yes! This victory is mine!"
  • "Everything's okay now! I drove them out for you!"
  • "The battle is over! All that's left now is... treasure!"
  • "Good job, everyone! We won!"
  • "Man, that was close... Looks like we got away."
  • "We...won? I can't believe it! That's awesome!!"

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