This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Naomasa Ii.

Samurai Warriors 4-IIEdit

  • "Enemy officer, defeated with ease."
  • "I simply do the best I can."
  • "You couldn't even scratch my armor."
  • "Does this mean I'm the strongest warrior in the land? Of course it does."
  • "Don't be satisfied with this. Always strive for greater things."
  • "Do you truly think you can hurt me?"


  • "A truly marvelous plan, lord."
  • "The Crimson Men are always ready!"
  • "I am Naomasa Ii, one of the Tokugawa Avengers! Fight me if you dare!"
  • "Splendid! I hope you have no regrets in this life!"
  • "Now you know why I'm called the Red Devil!"
  • "This cannot be... I... I lost!"

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