Naotsune Endō
Naotsune Endo (NATS)
Character Information
Clan(s)/Alliance(s): Azai
Weapon Type:
Unit Type: Fierce
Significant Battle(s):
First Appearance: Samurai Warriors
Historical Information
Real name:
Endō Kizaemon
Endō Naotsune
Japanese name:
遠藤 直経
August 9, 1570

Naotsune Endō is an Azai vassal heralded for his bravery. Despite his doubts towards Nobunaga, he disapproved of Nagamasa's decision to cut ties with the Oda in favor of supporting the Asakura.

Role in GamesEdit

The Samurai Warriors series has Naotsune Endō appear in most of the Azai's battles such as Kanegasaki and Odani Castle. During their pursuit of Nobunaga in Samurai Warriors 2, he suspects Oichi of leaking their ambush to the Oda only to be rebuked by Nagamasa.

Samurai Warriors Chronicles depicts Naotsune as a concerned contrarian throughout his lord's scenario, often chastising Nagamasa for blindly following his ideals yet finding himself unable to defy him. To protect his liege, he enacts his suicidal attack on Nobunaga at Anegawa despite knowing he won't survive the attempt.

In Samurai Warriors 4, the player can personally avert Naotsune's assassination attempt if they are on the Tokugawa side.

Live Action PerformersEdit


"At last, I must part ways with Nobunaga, and fight for the world I envision."
"What will become of Oichi?"
"I will send her back to Oda. When we have established our world of peace, I will come for her."
"Fool! Foolish, stupid, man! My Lord Nagamasa, you know nothing! Lady Oichi wishes to fight by your side! She conceals her sorrow and still has the courage to smile! To choose one thing is to give up another. Choose Oichi, and you must abandon the Asakura!"
~~Nagamasa and Naotsune; Samurai Warriors Chronicles

Historical InformationEdit

Born to a family whose lineage can supposedly be traced back to the Kamakura period, Naotsune entered the Azai's service as an advisor for Nagamasa, helping him regain their clan's independence from the Rokkaku. However, he criticized his lord's political marriage to Oichi no Kata due to his less than favorable impression of Oda Nobunaga during the warlord's time at Sawayama Castle. Deeming Nobunaga a dangerous man, he requested permission to assassinate him but was denied.

Although Naotsune's animosity towards Nobunaga remained unchanged, he clearly understood the benefits of the Oda-Azai alliance and was dismayed when Nagamasa broke ties with the latter to come to the Asakura clan's aid. At the Battle of Anegawa, he attempted to infiltrate the Oda headquarters by disguising his own men to fool the opposing army. Unfortunately, his ruse was discovered and resulted in his death at the hands of Takenaka Kyusaku.

One theory claims that Naotsune was affiliated with the Iga ninja and became involved with their intelligence activities, though this is not supported by historical records.