Naran Render (BS)
Character Information
Faction: Unaffiliated
Unit Type:
Mongol mounted bowmen
Weapon Type: Bow
Request Mission(s):
Inheritance Disputes
The Bodyguard
Voice Actors:
Yukiko Hirotsu (JP)
Original character.

Naran (ナラン) is a fictional character featured in Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War.

Role in GameEdit

A smooth-talking Mongolian mercenary who takes pride in his roots, he often acts as an intermediary between nobles and other mercenaries in exchange for a portion of the reward. Although this plan has made him financially successful with clients, others are irked by his boastfulness and cunning. Despite being unfazed by the criticisms of others, he only begins to change his ways after falling in love with a female knight who reprimands him for taking the glory of others.

Character InformationEdit


A charismatic and savvy individual, Naran uses his mediating skills to earn a living while portraying himself as a fine descendant of the Mongolian Empire.


  • "There are certain things in life which are better left alone."
  • "Do you actually believe you can defeat me?"
  • "Worry not, for I shall soon put you out of your misery."
  • "The heavens have intervened on my behalf."
  • "Hmm... You appear to have some competence."
  • "I place my trust in you."
  • "I did desire more of a challenge!"
  • "No... this can't be... the end..."
  • "I do hate to make you all look foolish, but..."
  • "We have taken the enemy position!"
  • "The swifter we strike, the greater our advantage!"
  • "Ha ha... Here they come! Prepare yourselves!"

  • "Naran! Is this all? There should be more than this for the task I undertook!"
"Well, that is because I have taken my share."
"What?! You were not on the battlefield!"
"I introduced you to that noble. For that, you have to pay."
~~Mercenary and Naran


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