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Allegiance(s): Alabasta
February 2
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Nefertari Vivi is the princess of Alabasta and is Cobra and Titi's daughter. When her father is embroiled in a conspiracy, Vivi sets out and infiltrates the criminal organization, Shichibukai, and discovers their plot to overthrow the king. Under the alias of Miss Wednesday, she meets the Straw Hats while hunting a whale for food. After her true identity is uncovered by the Shichibukai, she reveals to the crew her country's plight and join their them on various adventures while on the journey back to save her kingdom. Once Crocodile is defeated by Luffy and her country saved, she tearfully thanks and bids the crew farewell.


Selfless and humble, Vivi loves her country and its people. In spite of her royal status, she feels nothing is too demeaning a chore if she feels she is being helpful to someone else in some way. If she feels another is being oppressed, she will bravely defy any opposition no matter the odds. Given her kind heart, she has trouble insulting others in heated arguments.

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