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This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Nemea.

Warriors Orochi 3Edit

  • "I shall rage against the darkness, and fight my fate!"
  • "This victory is just another stop along our way."
  • "Forward! We must alter our destiny!"
  • "That was an interesting battle, but my struggle against the darkness continues."
  • "We have achieved total victory. A victory for us and the land itself."
  • "Please, take this. I have a feeling you will get some use out of it."
  • "Not bad."
  • "I thought you were capable of more than that."
  • "I defeated many enemy troops in the last battle. Simple soldiers are no match for one such as myself."
  • "Recently, I have not been given a chance to go to battle... Perhaps it is for the best though."
  • "Lately, I have participated in many battles. I shall continue to offer assistance for as long as I am needed."
  • "Ahh, a party. How quaint... Although I am having trouble finding the proper praise for the food and wine."
  • "Enemy officer cut down!"
  • "My soul would pit me against a legion, and at its bidding I shall continue to fight my fate."
  • "You are unrivaled in battle, my friend! Well done!"
  • "Fearsome hero of myth. Your legend shall stand firm from this day!"
  • "My lady, you are surely the mightiest your realm has ever seen."
  • "My lady, you have an indomitable soul. I sense hope inside you."
  • "Lord wreathed in darkness, your might is truly unrivaled."
  • "I am on the back foot...?"
  • "So I must fight myself... Come, then, apparition!"
  • "Excellent."
  • "Not bad!"
  • "Allow me to thank you for saving me."
  • "My thanks for saving me."
  • "Challenge me!"
  • "The defeated can only leave."
  • "Most impressive, hero of myth."
  • "So you have come to the deadlands, hero of myth."
  • "The girl is quite an accomplished warrior."
  • "You saved me. My thanks."
  • "I can see how hard you are trying."
  • "Fair maiden, my thanks."
  • "He who rules the darkness... He is strong, too."
  • "One wreathed in darkness, what brings you to my aid?"
  • "Excellent. I will happily serve one with such courage and pride."
  • "Not bad at all. I like the look in your eye."
  • "My thanks for saving me, and my thanks for being able to continue this fight together."
  • "Thank you for saving me. Now, let us cut down this threat together."
  • "Fight me, then. Our swords shall know better than we why they clash."
  • "The defeated can only depart. Go, and become even stronger."
  • "Impressive, hero of myth. Your bloody sword is proof of your honor."
  • "Welcome to the valley of death, hero of myth. We two have the power to resist our fate."
  • "The girl is an accomplished warrior. So brave, and with such an honest soul."
  • "Thank you. Your strength and beauty set you apart, my lady."
  • "You are trying very hard. There is something mysterious about you, girl."
  • "Fair maiden, my thanks. You have a kind yet wild soul inside you."
  • "He who rules the darkness... His feats stir that same darkness in my own soul..."
  • "Dark soul, what brings you to my aid? Has my own darkness drawn you to me?"
  • "Excellent. You shall surely rule this battlefield."
  • "Slicing across the field of battle, as though slicing through fate."
  • "You bring me aid... Then you have proven your worth in the direst circumstances."
  • "You have my back. You require no thanks out here. Let us go together."
  • "My spear told me that I would have to fight you."
  • "Farewell. You have become strong."
  • "Your plan is to slaughter all who stand in your way? Even fate?"
  • "Hero of myth, I know that you require no thanks. All you desire is more foes with whom to stain your blade."
  • "Excellent. Allow me to show my respect for your unstinting valor."
  • "Voicing my gratitude will only be an insult. Allow me to stand alongside you and show it in battle."
  • "The girl has wonderful eyes. Risking so much... She reminds me of another..."
  • "My thanks for coming to save me. Looking upon you makes me think of one word - hope."
  • "Impressive... You contain so much darkness, yet somehow keep it under control."
  • "My gratitude for saving me. We both handle our darkness in different ways, do we not?"
  • "Face me, brave warrior."
  • "You're good. Not many can put me on the defensive."
  • "Excellent. I shall respond in kind with my full power."
  • "When bloody sword and spear shall face, the sword shall be the one that breaks."
  • "Your attacks are befitting of a hero spoken of in legends."
  • "The dark power within me is the only way to combat the will of the gods."
  • "Forgive me for pointing my spear at you, little girl."
  • "Your form is smooth and quick. I see you like to overwhelm your opponent with speed, as does Kheryuneia."
  • "I apologize for my restraint. I shall hold back no longer."
  • "Your eyes show strength, little girl. Come, let us fight."
  • "Well done. Your potential truly is without limits."
  • "Do not lose hope, little girl. Your strength deserves to be met with my full power."
  • "I feel darkness within this man..."
  • "This darkness is too strong...!"
  • "As long as my soul survives, I will not fall to darkness!"
  • "This rain of fire does not concern me."
  • "I accept this battle not as a hero, but as a warrior."
  • "Surely you don't expect me to face a true hero naked?"


  • "My maiden, your strength surpasses that of an entire legion. You fight with such determination and beauty."
  • "My maiden, I can see a radiant light emanating from your soul."
  • "You came to assist me, my maiden?"
  • "My maiden, I can see a radiant light emanating from your soul. I know you can overcome your sad destiny."
  • "You came to assist me, my maiden? Thank you. I appreciate your kindness."
  • "I can see the look of determination in your eyes. I know that you can overcome any fate which lies before you."
  • "I wish to borrow your strength, my maiden. Together, I know we can overcome any enemy before us."
  • "Come, fair maiden. Only through battle can we open the path to our destiny."
  • "You have a good look about you. With your strength, I believe you are capable of overcoming your destiny."
  • "I wish to see more of your fighting skills. I will be sure to give it my all as well."
  • "This is a battlefield. I cannot agree to that request."

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