Nobukiyo Oda (NAS)

Nobunaga's Ambition: Sphere of Influence portrait

Nobukiyo Oda (織田 信清) is a member of the Oda clan and cousin of Nobunaga Oda. Although initially loyal to his cousin, Nobukiyo eventually rebelled against Nobunaga's rule.

Role in GameEdit

Nobukiyo Oda is the first chapter's boss in Kessen III. He leads the rest of the rebel Oda family members against Kitcho at the battle of Inuyama. He waits for Nobunaga's attack in the northwest corner of the map, hiding adjacent to first archer tower encountered in the game. After his defeat, Nobukiyo flees, never to appear again.

Voice ActorsEdit


  • "Nobunaga! Your dream is about to become a nightmare!"

Historical InformationEdit

Oda Nobukiyo was born to Oda Nobuyasu. He married Oinu, the second sister of Oda Nobunaga and became lord of Inuyama Castle in 1544, after Nobuyasu died fighting against the Saitō clan. Nobukiyo chose to support Nobunaga's claim to rule the Oda clan and aided him in 1558 against Oda Nobukata at the battle of Ukino.

However, Nobukiyo turned traitor just a few years later in 1562, attacking Gakuden Castle, to no avail. He had to quickly turn to the defences of Inuyama for protection. By 1564, however, he was overwhelmed and fled to Takeda lands, becoming a monk and taking the name Inuyama Tessai.


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