Norikatsu Miyoshi (三好 載克, Miyoshi Norikatsu, born in the Kochi Prefecture) is a Japanese artist who specializes in digital illustrations as well as character and creature design. Miyoshi was hired by various gaming companies after graduating from college. Since 2002, this artist has done freelance work for trading card games like Duel Masters, Sangokushi Taisen, and many more. Miyoshi also owns a female American Shorthair cat named after the famous Mona Lisa painting.

Miyoshi's visual style usually incorporates the usage of subdued colors and contrasting values for additional depth. For the Warriors series, the artist mostly uses the character's faction color as the dominant hue of the illustration. Stencil-like effects and swirling motions are also employed to help keep the viewer's eyes locked unto the image while providing a sense of movement to the subject.

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