Nue (NO)

Nue is a giant yokai in Nioh. It serves as Fuka's familiar and protects the area of Dazaifu.

Battle DataEdit


  1. Calls down lightning one to four times, severely damaging players and stunning them.
  2. Spews a mid range lightning breath.
  3. Rolls at the player for physical damage while lightning falls behind the yokai's trail.
  4. Unleashes two heavy swipes.


  • Kusarigama users can employ their weapon's heavy attack to hit Nue from behind the trees in the boss fight.
  • To avoid being hit by lightning, have the boss open up the shrine on the east side of the arena.
  • Bring ammo that does extra damage on yokai, wait for Nue to use lighting attacks, then shoot its chest when it's glowing red for bulls-eye damage.

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