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This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Nuwa. This list includes the Empires titles, which has unique quotes for the "Nuwa" model.

Dynasty Warriors 3Edit

Warriors Orochi 2Edit

  • "Is this truly going to be worth my time?"
  • "Leave me."
  • "Approach me and die!"
  • "Know your place!"
  • "Do not touch me!"
  • "Foolishness!"
  • "Fool!"
  • "Freeze!"
  • "Do it right!"
  • "It is time to get serious."
  • "It cannot be helped."
  • "Don't even think about touching me."
  • "Hmph. What weaklings!"
  • "Do not let overconfidence be your downfall."
  • "Remember, pride goes before a fall."
  • "Well done. Still, you can do better, can you not?"
  • "Sufficient for the moment. Well done."
  • "Well done. For now."
  • "It appears to be time to pull back."
  • "I did not ask for aid."
  • "Your aid was not requested."
  • "You fool. Do you really think you can beat me?"
  • "Take pride! Not many could stand against me."
  • "A pitiful place to end."
  • "Fu Xi! Would you just end it already?!"
  • "Is that the best that Heaven's warrior can do?"
  • "Fu Xi! Do as you will!"
  • "Child, are you so anxious for praise?"
  • "Well done, child."
  • "Child, I didn't know you cared."
  • "So you are the truest warrior of this dynasty."
  • "Well fought, you who would be Emperor."
  • "Cao Cao? My thanks."
  • "Perhaps Cao Pi is the true Dynasty Warrior."
  • "Well done young Cao!"
  • "Cao Pi. Leave me to my own wiles."
  • "I had not thought I would have to face another from my realm."
  • "I knew I could never win..."
  • "Take care of the child."
  • "Child, are you looking to be hurt?"
  • "You have grown stronger, child."
  • "You have outstripped me young one..."
  • "You shall pay for your sins with your life."
  • "I shall let you go this time."
  • "Losing to her? How pitiful..."
  • "Remove yourself from my presence!"
  • "I do not understand..."
  • "Undone by chaos..."

Warriors Orochi 2 PSPEdit

  • "San Zang... Do you even know the extent of your powers?"
  • "The enemy does not stand a chance against you, San Zang."
  • "I could stand to use your help here..."

Warriors Orochi 3Edit

  • "Very well. Let's wrap this up quickly."
  • "Show some restraint. It is unseemly to celebrate with gay abandon."
  • "It is the duty of one of my ability to cleanse the battlefield of filth."
  • "I cannot take pride in results of such a low caliber."
  • "The enemy has been eliminated and order has been restored."
  • "I want you to have this. I hope you'll use it wisely."
  • "Hmm... It appears you possess some small shred of ability."
  • "I knew that this was all you were capable of."
  • "I defeated numerous enemy officers in the previous battle. They were good for nothing but an amusing diversion."
  • "Recently, I haven't been given a chance to go to battle. I'd like for somebody to explain to me the reason why."
  • "It seems like I'm the only one going to battle lately. What would this army ever do without me?"
  • "The tastes and smells of human food were never really my thing, but I find that I'm growing to like them."
  • "Don't even think about touching me."
  • "Bah, this is but a trifle. If you wish to call me the greatest you've ever seen, go right ahead."
  • "I can praise you if you wish, but don't get cocky. Only fools boast about numbers."
  • "Enough playing, Fu Xi. Do you really want the title of True Warrior that badly?"
  • "A hero of chaos, and a True Warrior of the Three Kingdoms. Truly your abilities know no limits, Cao Cao."
  • "Your face hides great ferocity. I suppose you qualify to be a True Warrior, by numbers if nothing else."
  • "Susano'o, you are undoubtedly the most stubborn True Warrior of the Mystic Realm."
  • "Ugh! Don't touch me!"
  • "Perhaps some would find this scenario amusing, but I do not."
  • "Well well, you're quite good."
  • "Good work."
  • "Did I seem to be having trouble?"
  • "What do you expect from me?"
  • "You wish to defeat me?"
  • "You have grown strong to trouble me like this."
  • "You've been busy, Fu Xi."
  • "Hurry and rid us of these pests, Fu Xi."
  • "I have enjoyed watching you fight, Cao Cao."
  • "Thank you, Cao Cao."
  • "You show no emotion..."
  • "Well well, what adorable reinforcements."
  • "So, your plan is to solve everything by force?"
  • "You would help me, Susano'o?"
  • "Well well, you're quite good. You shall have to fight beside me."
  • "Good work. But I know you can do even better."
  • "Did I seem to be having trouble? ...Thank you for your help."
  • "What do you expect from me? I have no words of praise for you, nor should you need them."
  • "You wish to defeat me? I trust you know me well enough not to make such a joke lightly."
  • "You have grown strong to corner me like this."
  • "You've been busy, Fu Xi. But then, you always were good at brutish work."
  • "Hurry and rid us of these pests, Fu Xi."
  • "You know I've never liked insects."
  • "I have enjoyed watching you fight, Cao Cao. It seems I would do well not to underestimate you humans."
  • "Thank you, Cao Cao. There is no greater shame for a mystic than to be rescued by a human."
  • "Your face is utterly expressionless... I mean that as a compliment."
  • "Well well, what adorable reinforcements. Take care they don't meet with heavy resistance."
  • "So, your plan is to solve everything by force? Oh well, I have no intention of interfering."
  • "You would help me, Susano'o? How pathetic that I would require assistance from a stubborn fool like you."
  • "Excellent... We must watch that power to ensure it stays under control."
  • "I picked you myself. I would expect at least this much from you."
  • "I've been waiting for you. This battle is worth fighting together."
  • "Good of you to come. Would you prune these pesky foes for me?"
  • "You had best leave now. Unless you want me to punish you severely, of course."
  • "I will not be led mindlessly by emotion. You shall be the one to cry when next we meet."
  • "Good work, Fu Xi. The fact is, we need you."
  • "Don't expect my gratitude. It is only natural for mystics to help each other."
  • "Well done, Cao Cao. Your power rivals that of us mystics."
  • "Thank you for your help, Cao Cao. It seems that kindness is another of the humans' strengths."
  • "Your skill in battle is impressive, Kaguya. You may even be better than Taigong Wang."
  • "You must never lose that precious innocence. It is more valuable than you know."
  • "Your strength is almost frightening, Susano'o. I suppose might can indeed make right..."
  • "What are you playing at, Susano'o? Stop that, you're embarrassing me."
  • "Surrender quietly or you will find yourself punished with death."
  • "You must have true courage to be able to back me into a corner."
  • "This sideshow ends here. I pity you, for you have underestimated me fatally."
  • "This too is a game we mystics play. Come, Fu Xi!"
  • "Of course, I already knew to some extent, but physically, your strength is beyond estimation."
  • "Fu Xi, are you holding back? I am afraid I will not do the same."
  • "Cao Cao, you are not one to be taken lightly."
  • "On rare occasion, a human is capable of surpassing a mystic. I see you are attempting to prove this."
  • "Your militaristic ideals are irreconcilable with the Mystic Realm. It is a pity you must perish now for all eternity!"
  • "I am not looking forward to this battle, but I am ready nonetheless."
  • "Although you said you didn't wish to fight me, it seems to me like your attacks are unusually aggressive."
  • "It may not be fair, but I can no longer afford to hold anything back!"
  • "Maybe it's time that somebody split open that hard head of yours."
  • "You are as strong as they say. No wonder you are revered as a mystic of the highest order."
  • "I cannot stand being humiliated any longer. I am prepared to fight back!"
  • "What do they say again about the moth and the flame...?"
  • "If by chance I lose, then you can entertain such thoughts, boy!"
  • "These moods of yours can really take their toll on me..."


  • "Truly formidable strength, Shennong. You really are quite the warrior."
  • "Outstanding, Shennong."
  • "What are you doing here, Shennong?"
  • "Outstanding, Shennong. Your enemies are simply no match for such skill."
  • "What are you doing here, Shennong? Just because you've helped me, don't be expecting anything in return."
  • "Excellent as always, Shennong. You make me proud to be one of the Three Sovereigns with you."
  • "I'm relieved to see you, Shennong. Even though you're late, we can still turn things around."
  • "Shennong, prepare yourself. I won't hold back."
  • "So the weakling dares to bear his teeth at me... But I will not be beaten."
  • "Argh... I will underestimate you no longer. Now you will face my full wrath."
  • "Will you stop talking and start fighting?!"
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