Oboro (FEW)
Character Information
Spear Fighter
Spear Master
Weapon Type:
Personal Weapon:
Voice Actor(s):
Nozomi Sasaki
Marisha Ray
Playable via DLC.

Oboro (オボロ) is a playable character in Fire Emblem Fates and initially a non-playable character in Fire Emblem Warriors.

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Character InformationEdit


Oboro harbors bad blood for Nohrians after her parents were killed on a business trip to Nohr, but has often restrained herself from killing Nohrians. Her acceptance with the deaths of her parents has kept her strong.

She is also known to be a good tailor in Hoshido and prides herself on her fashion sense, as her parents owned a tailoring shop. She also serves as one of Takumi's retainers and privately harbors feelings for him.

Fighting Style Edit

Along with Azura, she is one of the first two unmounted lance/naginata users to join the playable roster. Her unique Crest is Counter, which is a Fire Emblem skill typically available to Warriors and Oni Chieftains. Unlike in Fire Emblem, where it works by occasionally reflecting physical damage when hit, in Warriors, Counter has a chance of triggering when attacks are blocked successfully.


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X: Oboro spins her spear above herself making a tornado that shreds enemies.
Y, X: Oboro does a jumping upward spear swing.
Y, Y, X: Oboro moves forward spin-swinging her spear to the left three times.
Y, Y, Y, X: Oboro swings her spear diagonally right, then left, then upward, then moves back and thrusts her spear forward.
Y, Y, Y, Y, X: Oboro spins her spear at her side, then above herself, then jumps into a sideways spin shredding enemies, then slams her spear down.
Y, Y, Y, Y, Y, X: Oboro jumps into the air and jabs her spear down rapidly, then comes down swinging her spear.
A: Oboro wildly swings her spear in front of her, juggling enemies, then spins it in a circular fashion forming a tornado, then imbues her spear with a wind elemental and swings it hard, sending enemies flying.
A (Awakening): Oboro spins around cutting enemies with her spear rapidly, then stabs the ground, summoning spears to skewer enemies, then throws her spear up and catches it, then does a green energetic slash.


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