The Obstacle Wheel (お邪魔攻撃, ojyama kougeki) is a gameplay feature introduced in Dynasty Warriors DS: Fighter's Battle. By picking up coins dropped or scattered throughout the battlefield, players may obtain one random obstacle effect at a time by pressing Y.

Five coins are the minimal requirement to activate the roulette while nine is the maximum any character can hold. Obstacle effects range from hindering the opponent's movements or strengthening the player's whole army. Note that the type of obstacle effect available depends on what kind of map and cards are used. Likewise, the opponent is also capable of using this feature to their advantage especially in higher difficulty settings.

Obstacle EffectsEdit

Icon Name Effects
DWFB Coin Effect Icon 9 Steal Coins Steals any amount of coins the opponent has.
DWFB Coin Effect Icon 3 Throw Stone Drops a boulder on the enemy troops.
DWFB Coin Effect Icon 10 Drain Musou Depletes the opponent's Musou and adds it to the player's own.
DWFB Coin Effect Icon 4 Stone Barrage Drops three boulders on the enemy troops throughout the battlefield.
DWFB Coin Effect Icon 11 Whirlwind Summons a whirlwind that displaces the opponent to a random location.
DWFB Coin Effect Icon Rally Rallies the user's troops, temporarily increasing their speed and attack power.
DWFB Coin Effect Icon 12 Fog Enshrouds the opponent within a dark fog, limiting their range of attack.
DWFB Coin Effect Icon 15 Insert Dud Adds a Dud to the enemy's obstacle roulette.
DWFB Coin Effect Icon 13 Stun Slows down the movement of enemy troops for a set time.
DWFB Coin Effect Icon 8 Great Freeze Works similar to Freeze, but lasts longer.
DWFB Coin Effect Icon 16 Dud Has no effect whatsoever.
DWFB Coin Effect Icon 5 Earthquake Causes the ground to shake, damaging all enemies onscreen.
DWFB Coin Effect Icon 14 Confuse Confuses the opponent, causing them to wander randomly.
DWFB Coin Effect Icon 7 Freeze Freezes all enemy troops, halting their movements temporarily.
DWFB Coin Effect Icon 6 Great Earthquake Works similar to Earthquake, but causes more damage.
DWFB Coin Effect Icon 2 Great Rally Works similar to Rally, but lasts longer.

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