Siege of Odani Castle
Odani Castle (SW4)
Date August 8 ~ September 1, 1573
Location Omi Province, Azai Domain
Result Oda siege is successful and Nagamasa commits suicide.
Oda Azai
Nobunaga Oda Nagamasa Azai

The Siege of Odani Castle (小谷城の戦い) is the final battle between the Oda and the Azai clans. After banishing the shogun and causing Yoshikage Asakura's downfall at Ichijo Castle, Nobunaga targeted Nagamasa, one of the greatest remaining rebels against his rise to power. Greatly outnumbering the castle defenders, the battle led to the end of the Azai family.

In the games, the battle is often dramatized with Nagamasa's choice to depart from Oichi.

Role in GamesEdit

Samurai WarriorsEdit

The battle makes its first appearance in Samurai Warriors: State of War. In Samurai Warriors 2, the Oda version of the stage has Nobunaga order his retainers to kill Yoshikage and the Asakura army stationed at Mt. Jizō at the northwest. Katsuie declares to take the southern Kingo Ward, which is guarded by Keijun Miyabe. Hideyoshi will ask for help escorting engineers to the central Mt. Yamada Garrison. Yoshimune Kawai launches an ambush on the engineers before they reach the garrison. Once the engineers safely reach their destination, Hideyoshi requests that the garrison be protected from incoming threats. When Hideyoshi finishes his preparations, he will blow a wall out of the Mt. Yamada Garrison, which opens a way for the Oda army to directly infiltrate Odani Castle.

Naoyori Shinjō, Sadayuki Atsuji guard the Inner Ward and Minor Ward respectively. Players will be given missions to kill these generals to claim these wards. Once the player reaches the Inner Ward, they will be locked inside and Nagamasa will reappear outside of the Kingo Ward to charge the Oda main camp. Tsunachika Kaihō and Masazumi Azai must be defeated to escape through the Main Ward. Intercepting Nagamasa before he reaches his destination triggers an ambush at the Oda main camp. Losing the camp, will result in a loss for the player.

In Nagamasa's scenario, the Azai are heavily surrounded. Nagamasa orders Mt. Jizo to be claimed to open a path for his Asakura allies to arrive. Once the mountain base is clear, Yoshikage arrives with reinforcements. Mitsuhide and Ranmaru will try to suppress the Asakura army. Should Ranmaru encounter Nagamasa, the boy will claim to take revenge for his father's death at Mt. Usa. Players are given the option to stop Hideyoshi's engineers and Katsuie's advance to raise ally morale. Stopping Hideyoshi will trigger an ambush.

Unlike the Oda narrative, his wife will support him and the defense of the castle in the Main Ward. If the player does not suppress the incoming Oda forces quickly, she will leave the Main Ward to protect the Minor Ward. Once Katsuie bypasses Keijun at the Kingo Ward, the latter will move to the Main Ward. Should Keijun find Oichi missing in the Main Ward, he will lose faith in the Azai and defect to the Oda. His defection will cause a huge drop for allied morale. If the player successfully prevents the defection, Nagamasa will order an all out attack on the Oda main camp. Nobutada and guard the main camp doors.

While in search of new friends to enjoy a game of kemari, Yoshimoto assists in the castle's defense during his story mode in the Xtreme Legends expansion.

Samurai Warriors 3 has the stage exclusively in Nagamasa and Oichi's stories. Hisamasa Azai makes his only appearance in battle there.

Warriors OrochiEdit

In Warriors Orochi, Sun Ce is ordered to fight another resistance led by Xing Cai. During the fighting, Sakon arrives with information on where Sun Jian is held. When Xing Cai is beaten, Lu Meng is allowed to go free.

In Warriors Orochi 2, Taigong Wang together with Lu Xun lead an army in order to capture Da Ji. Facing countless of ambushes Da Ji, managed to buy some time in order for Himiko to escape. Zhuge Liang and Yue Ying may ambush Himiko if she's about to reach her escape route.


Historical informationEdit


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